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My Journey to Quitting Sugar

My journey with quitting sugar has been well worth the time and effort. Yes, for me this was a big effort. I didn’t seem to quit with the ease that some people say they have had.

I failed a few times, I would have a really bad week and just not be able to “hold out” any longer. I would end up binging on the foods I missed (or thought I missed!) and feel awful about myself. It would really be a cycle of start fresh, go through “life”, then have to start again and feel like the ability to quit was further away then before.

But I did it. I have done it and I live it. It no longer is a “thing” I do, or a “fad” that I am trying, but little decisions made through out my day, every single day. Basically it is life!

We are not perfect but I made a big effort to actually change the way I saw food and the way I reacted and then how I dealt with emotions. For me, this was an emotional journey through food. I worked out that when I was feeling moody or have had a bad day, my brain would fixate on something sweet to make me smile. It was like I needed just Something to make me feel good again since I couldn’t give myself that feeling without a hit of sugar. Now I am armed with the tools to deal with bad days, and if I want to splurge I am also armed with the safe recipes, which are also DELICIOUS!!, to not feel guilty or to really damage myself.

Now I live a low sugar diet, where I know what I am eating and I love it. I still have a piece of cake at my birthday or during special occasions I will have a few nibbles of the sweet stuff, but it is not every day and I certainly don’t feel the same way about sugar as I used to.

I am not perfect, I would love to meet someone who is, but I know that I am taking the steps to make my own life better. Most importantly the food I eat and the life I live is only for me and I want it to be a long and healthy one!

What Quitting Sugar is NOT

What is this site not about?

  • There are no set of strict food rules and regulations.
  • Food guilt! If you slip up, that is okay. Get up and start again and make better choices next time.
  • We love fruit. This site is not anti fruit and neither is the I Quit Sugar guide. I do believe in resetting your taste buds by cutting fruit for the detox, which can be a week or more (totally up to you!) but then you can easily introduce fruit back into your diet.
  • The is no “one size fits all” mentality. I believe that everyone is different and this may not work for everyone, or you may not want to do everything suggested. You decide what to do and you decide what part of quitting sugar works for you.

I am aware that everyone has different opinions on food and diets, so let’s keep that in mind that no one is perfect and we are all trying different methods to find what works for us!

So, Where Do I Start?

Some more information for once you have decided to quit sugar or are currently quitting sugar:

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  1. Milk? Milk has sugar in it!
    Whether you choose skim milk, part skim milk or whole milk, the lactose content is very similar. On average, a 1-cup glass of skim milk provides 13.5 grams of lactose, while the same serving of full-fat milk has 11.5 grams of lactose. This amount of carbohydrates is the equivalent of the amount of carbohydrates found in about 3 tsp. of sugar. You can expect your blood sugar levels to rise as much after drinking 1 cup of milk as after eating 3 tsp. of sugar.

    • Hi Pat,
      I have found milk to not be very harsh on my system.

      Milk is made up of glucose and lactose. When I have suggested giving up sugar – what I meant was the fructose part of sugars. If you find that lactose is affecting your system negatively, then I recommend you stop drinking milk and go for alternative milk products that are not so harsh on the system.

      Find what works for your body and your system and if milk has made your blood sugar levels spike then I would cut that back.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I’m loving your blog!

    Can I eat any cheeses that I want? Does quantity count? And what about sparkling wine? Is that ok?


    • Hi Mira,

      I love cheese! I try to moderate the amount I eat, and not try to gorge on anything. I have a bad habit of if I allow myself to gorge I tend to fall back in bad habits a lot easier!

      I try not to just eat one type of cheese either, I am going through a phase of exploring cheese and the different tastes and textures. I like feta and sharp chedder right now – but I don’t think there are types of cheese to avoid (unless you don’t like mold). I think this makes a great way to eat cheese instead of desserts and by exploring new kinds you can have more fun with.

      Sparkling wine is sweet so I am going to assume, that it has sweetener in it. (Can someone else help me here?)
      Again, sparkling wine is sweet and may tempt you back to enjoy something sweet with it or if you are in the middle of the program your brain may find it harder to adjust! I would avoid it for as long as you are doing the program. It just doesn’t seem like it would be helpful – but correct me if I am wrong people on the internet! :)

  3. Hi Kate,

    I love your blog and I am in the process of quitting sugar. However, I have numerous food allergies to delicious naturally sweet foods like apples, cherries, and tree nuts. Do you have an idea of some alternative snacks I could look into? Thanks!


    • Hi Rakel,
      Good work on giving sugar the flick! It is a hard process for some, me especially, but I imagine with allergies it can be a lot tougher. The normal fallback options are what you are allergic to so you have to identify a few different options. I would suggest you could try going sugar free cold turkey for a few days and see if you can really calm any sugar cravings without having to hunt down options. No point filling your life with expensive and hard to find alternatives when you could eliminate them altogether. Another thing I would try is to work on eating vegetables and healthy fats such as cheese to replace those snacking options. Try having some carrots and cheese as a snack and break the habits of a sugary treat or where you think you should have fruit instead. Many of the quitting sugar books and recipes do use a lot of nuts as replacements, maybe try checking out books for diabetics with allergies. These will cover a wide range of recipes that would remove the nuts. I found this recipe for Gluten Free Vegan Gingerbread – http://www.yummly.com/recipe/Gluten-free-vegan-gingerbread-307895?columns=4&position=10%2F69 is this something that you could try? I was trying to think of foods that are sweet such as sweet potato that could be made into a sweetish snack without sugar.

  4. Hi! I am a freshmen in college and my dorm has a microwave, a mini-fridge and a blender. I am required to have a meal plan. I don’t want to waste money so I go to the cafeteria and eat at the designated locations. The salad bar is mediocre. I can find rice/vegtables/meat that is decent. I am really struggling with the fact that I love good food, but I also love healthy food and it seems like everything here either tastes bad or is delicious only because it is covered in salt, sugar, and fat. I have also experimented with microwave cooking, but its hard to keep produce in my dorm and frozen kale gets boring after a while. Combined with the stress of the new year I think I am eating more sugar than I should, on top of a diet that already contained too much sugar.

    • Hi Kate,

      Congratulations on getting into College and going for it! You should be very proud even if you are very stressed over everything!

      College and the dreaded “freshman 15″. None of this has to be your fate and none of this has to be something you feel pressured by. You already sound like you want to make good food decisions and that you are already pretty knowledgeable about food in general. At least you didn’t tell me you love pizza and are at a loss for what to eat. I would look at food while you find your place at school for the first year as a means to fuel your body. You want to be healthy, alert and ready to learn and deal with being a freshman.


      So I am going to assume that using your meal plan for dinner is where it is going to make the most sense and you can make the most of what is on offer – yes these won’t be very exciting but you will also be able to control your budget and live within your means.

      First tip – never sit near the dessert bars. Don’t tempt fate!!

      I would gravitate towards salads, and find the best and cleanest salads available. Avoid adding an dressings or extra things that you just know is not going to make you feel healthy and strong. Add in protein where available such as any grilled chicken or fish. Eat what you know is going to help you and avoid adding anything on top of what they have already provided since you don’t know what is going into the food.

      So again, think salads, no dressing, no added salt or toppings, find the grilled proteins with no glazes or dressings such as chicken and fish and lean beef. Eat your greens – beans, peppers, salad greens (not just kale). If you want to have a side dish try some plain brown rice if it is on offer but try not to over eat rice as it might not give you all the nutrients you need right now.
      If you are bored with the salad bar, hit up the steamed vegetables if they are available. Don’t add butter or any cheese toppings. Steamed vegetables can be stirred through a rice and you can slice up some hot chilli for a kick and flavor!

      Don’t be afraid to ask for the grilled chicken only if there is a sandwich bar, avoid the white breads or ask for meatballs and no pasta from another bar. Then you can have these with a big salad.

      Since your dorm room has a blender you can make some fantastic breakfast smoothies or lunch smoothies. Buy a protein powder that has no added sugar or weird flavoring so that you get a dose of protein to help you feel fuller for longer and you can add fruits and vegetables (frozen or fresh) to make it more of a meal.

      Lunch you can embrace wraps – add plenty of fresh vegetables that you like. Go heavy on tomato or lettuce if you like and use avocado as a spread and skip margarine. If you make a large enough wrap, you can have one half at lunch and then the other half for dinner or a late night study snack that isn’t going to be salty and sugary.

      There are a lot of meals you can make in a microwave but they will require you to have microwavable bowls or a few little microwave safe mugs etc. Steam vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans in a small bowl with a little water then you can microwave frozen chicken breast, you can boil eggs in microwaves and even poach eggs in a mug with water and a little vinegar! Then you can have a side of smoked salmon or trout with some baby spinach leaves.
      Making mashed potato with sweet potato is very easy to in a microwave too, with a side of microwave steamed vegetables and then add a protein. Chop your potatos up, add to a microwave proof bowl and boil for 8 – 12 minutes until soft. Then drain and mash with a little milk and butter. Add in some cinnamon or pepper for taste.

      Oh and one last tip – avoid sweet alcohol beverages and cut back on beers. Drinking is a huge part of college for a lot of people, so just be aware of YOUR limits. If I drink, I have one glass (red wine or a vodka with club soda) and then a glass of water. Never have two alcoholic drinks in a row, always have water in between. Trust me, you will feel better in the morning for doing this!

      Here are some links I found that might make this easier for you:


      Also – from Chow Tips a video on how to cook your breakfast and dinner in a coffeemaker!

      How to make potato chips in a microwave

      I couldn’t help myself but when I saw you had a microwave, you can always make yourself a single mug cake if you want something a little sweet. This link won’t help reduce sugar but everyone isn’t perfect and sometimes you will want a little mug of happiness.


      I hope I have been helpful!!!!

    • Hi – I found more links for you!

      I know this is from the UK but I love Jamie Oliver and I actually cook the majority of my recipes using his cookbooks and online recipes.

      Here are his one-pan recipes, but you might have to sneak a single burner into your room for these!

      Here is a big list of delicious meals cooked in a microwave:

  5. Ann Marie says:

    Hi –

    I’m about to embark on the “quitting sugar” journey. Woo! When you talk about using wraps what kind specifically? Thanks!

    • Hi Ann Marie!
      Congratulations on making the first steps on your journey! I usually have wholegrain mountain bread wraps (they are very thin!), but check out the wraps at your local store and find the ones that are the lowest in sugar and the ones that are wholegrain/wholemeal. You can even use lettuce leaves for some wraps too. Be creative and find the ones you like. Certainly don’t let the small or huge range of wraps in your area stop you from making good choices.

      I am back on the wagon again today after Easter!!! Had a big weekend of indulgence and now having a huge salad with beans and tuna, though I had to skip the wraps today. If I went near a store to buy some, then I would buy some on-sale Easter eggs too!

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