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Hi, this is me; Kate!

Hi and welcome to Kate Quit Sugar!

I think the title of the blog is fairly obvious, but for those who are a little unsure, this site is all about quitting sugar and how I did it!

Why you may ask?

Very good question – certainly one I asked myself MANY times before starting is why on earth would I do this?  Why wouldn’t I want the sweeter things in life!

The answer is quite simple. I wanted to live the best life I could.

I had really fallen into a bit of slump over a few years, the weight was catching up to me, I was not as happy as I used to be and my body was just not feeling “right”. I had tried all the cleanses and meditation classes to try and find what was bothering me but it all seemed to be a short term solution. None of them really stuck for me.

I had read about quitting sugar after my boyfriend told me that my home made delicious coffee drinks were just TOO sugary and it made me wonder why I loved it that way and he didn’t. So I read a lot of information about sugar and it’s addictive properties. I had never thought I was an “addict” but actually it took me a few goes to finally quit the sugar habit. And when I did, oh boy, it was glorious!

This has been one of the biggest life changes I have done. Yes, it was hard at first. Yes, I failed the first few times I tried (actually I didn’t always really try). Yes, people questioned what I was doing and thought it was just a fad.

More importantly, YES, it has changed my life for the better! A hundred times YES!

So I hope you enjoy reading more and I hope you are able to also make big changes in your life and believe that you can do it!

Time to really enjoy the sweeter side of life!


I also have to add a medical disclaimer in here, I am not a doctor or nutritionist and all views on this website are my own personal views, please see my medical disclaimer for more information.


  1. Hey Kate, whats the best address to email you at? Lee x

  2. Hi Kate,

    Great site! I was a sugar addict, and tried to quit many times. When I discovered Sweet-It, it was simple and fun to quit! I would love to share my discovery with you and your readers.

    Please visit my website http://www.ImOverSugar.com and let me know what you think!

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Clearwater

  3. Hello! I was just wondering if you use sugar (like organic sucanat) to make fermented foods that require it for “food”? Thanks! ^_^

    • I don’t personally make fermented foods, like sauerkraut or pickles, but I know if I did I would use sugar as the recipe requires! I think you have to weigh up the benefits to you and your diet. If you want to eat those foods but feel it might be against the IQS guide, then maybe just give yourself the 8 weeks without it, then introduce it back into your diet.

  4. Kate – you are a hottie!

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  6. Hi Kate!

    My name is Angie and I am the social media manager for Leaf and Love, the first all-natural, USDA organic and zero-sugar lemonade. You can learn all about them at http://www.leafandlove.com/.

    I thought you would be the perfect person to let people know that there is now a healthy alternative to juice boxes. We would love to send you a few to try yourself and also offer a giveaway to your readers for a chance to win an additional 8 boxes. If you are interested, please let me know your shipping address so we can send your samples to you right away.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  7. Hey Kate,

    I know you write about not eating sugar, and while this may be slightly off topic, I know you’ll find this interesting. Especially as a person who promotes not eating sugar.

    In the Journal of Experimental Psychology that reveals about being under stressed (like a hard workout) makes you work harder for sugar rewards (like chocolate), but you don’t feel greater pleasure compare to those who aren’t under stress.

    Here’s the link to the research on my blog with a link to PDF research paper. http://noambitions.com/are-rewards-rewarding/

    Would love to know what you think.

  8. Janise Anderson says:

    Dear Kate,
    I just now found your website. It looks very interesting and I am excited about browsing through it. I have tried 3 or 4 times to quit sugar since this year started but have been unsuccessful. I am in college and I pretty much only have access to cafeteria food. I don’t really have money to make my own food.
    It is possible for me to quit sugar now without having to live on only fruit? Hopefully your website will show me how. Thank you for sharing your story with the world

  9. Quick question


    I’m a huge fan of your site and the work you do, so wanted to reach out and connect.

    My business, the “10 Day Health Challenge” (www.10dayhealthchallenge.com) also believes in spreading a whole foods lifestyle and fostering healthy eating. My quarterly Challenge is a web-based program designed to guide participants in clean and mindful eating for ten days.

    I’d love to gift you our FREE 3 Day Spring Challenge so you can see what we’re all about.

    You can download it here – http://www.10dayhealthchallenge.com/3dayspring

    Here’s to a happy and healthy spring!

    ~ Haley Whitley

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