Falling off the Sugar Free Wagon

There are so many times when I have had bad days, bad weeks and sometimes it can go on for months. I feel terrible and I eat badly. These are the times when I feel I should be the most careful with what I eat as it affects my mood, but these are times when I just don’t care.

A horrible cycle isn’t it! So how do we break the cycle when we have fallen off the low or no sugar wagon?!


For me, I have to just stop and think. That is my first step – I stop and evaluate that I am having a bad time and I am eating badly which doesn’t help. I have to make myself actually see that there is a problem and to stop filling my mouth with those problems. Awful, but true.

Once I have recognized that things are not right, I have to make one adjustment. I usually focus on the one thing I know I am doing wrong – eating packets of cookies late at night, or sneaking off for a mid-afternoon snack just to make the afternoon a bit better. If I cut out the big things I know that are obviously a problem, I give my body and myself a few days to readjust.

Once I am back to feeling a little better, I have to address the issues I am actually having. Is there something I can do to make a fix, is there something I am avoiding or is this just something that passes with time. I have to spend a little time thinking it through, write my thoughts down and keep a journal of my feelings. I try to be productive and not destructive. By this point I am usually feeling better and back on track.

I then keep culling out the sugary foods that I reintroduced until I am back to my normal. It is a hard long process sometimes and really it just depends on how my life is tracking. By no means do I think you should have to face all the battles alone, and if you really feel out of sorts I do recommend speaking to friends, family or even professionals who can help you.

I also never make myself feel bad for falling off the wagon, it happens!!!! I just accept that it has happened and move onto fixing the problems.

Have you guys fallen off the wagon, and how did you go getting back on again?


  1. I did! I had a terrible period of time where I had to deal with many stressors in my life and someone offered me some of my favorite chocolates… I was determined not to have it but at some point, as it was staring at me in my bedroom, I just didn’t care anymore and went for it! And this was the beginning of weeks of going to the store daily to buy all the junk food I could possibly buy… Now I am slowly getting back “on the wagon”, mainly by trying to load up on vegetables, by getting back to exercising a bit (Cause I’d stopped that too! Really bad! ^^ ) and by controlling my cravings as much as I can, but that last bit is not easy! I feel like my mood and physical health is really affected by this fall, and I really miss my freedom of being sugar free!

    • Hi Flo,

      It is very hard to get back onto the wagon. Sometimes it takes me a couple of weeks before I feel like I can really get control again. I really swing back and forth too – some weeks I am fantastic and haven’t a problem, then I will skip some days where I don’t do any exercise (not even taking a simple walk around my neighborhood!) and then I feel like I start to slump and end up back to eating badly and not caring.

      Doing the exercise, not even hard exercise, but going for walks and clearing your head will help you feel better and make it easier to get back to where you were. Just take a walk a day and begin to remind yourself that you want to feel good again and that you want to get back to that place and just work at it.

      I am with you all the way Flo – going through a low period myself and trying to focus on the positives and not eat my weight in bad food! It is hard but I know that I will be better off for it.

  2. Hi Kate and Flo,
    I love your honesty! I think we all go through difficult times. I am also trying to pick myself up of the floor, dust myself off and keep going. The last couple of days I have gotten by through eating lots and lots of nutrient dense food. I am definitely over eating, but find this a better option than reaching for bad food! I hope that I am through the worst of it now and can pull back and listen to my body needs! In the past I have found it good to focus on “feeling good” as being the reward for eating well (I follow a restrictive low fodmap diet). Let’s keep going!

    • Hi Sacha, you make a very good point about listening to what your body needs and feeling good from those choices. Thanks for letting us know about what you are going through, as we all go through these times. 🙂
      I am sending you a big hug for sharing with us!!!

  3. Hi,
    I’m only 20 but am having all sorts of sugar related problems like bloating and stomach pains, candida and skin problems. It’s really helping me to read this as every time I am sugar free for a while. I always lose control. I find it particularly hard as all my friends seem to eat whatever they please – I lose control when we go to the cinema or go out drinking, because I don’t want to miss out. Also, the whole situation is causing severe mood swings! ?
    But I’m hopeful still that I can kick the sugar addiction eventually. It’s my life goal!!! Haha ☺

    • Hi Chloe!
      You can do it, and it is hard when you are going out and your friends indulge, it can be very hard to say no. Just be mindful of yourself and be kind to yourself. If you do have some sweets at the cinema, don’t go for the soda, have a handful of a friends candy instead. Let your friends know you are trying to cut back on the amount of sugar you eat and ask if they can help and maybe make some better suggestions. But really, at the end of the day you will have to make sure you watch yourself. If you have a night out and have a few drinks, try to think of other ways to change what you do – avoid sweet pre-mixed drinks is a start too.

      Best of luck Chloe, you are walking in the right direction and doing the right thing by your body. It is hard and we all make mistakes, but don’t ever beat yourself up about it.

  4. Thank you for this. I’ve been in a rut and I can relate to what you said about gaining control again. I need to be patient with myself. Sugar is a drug and very addictive and it’s everywhere, but like you said, it’s those small decisions that make a huge difference – it’s for life!

  5. Just a quick FYI to everyone – I fell off the sugar wagon. Times were tough, I was going through things, but I am back on it now! I am being strong and positive. It is hard BUT you have to keep trying! We all do it, but I try not to beat myself up about it. I think positive, and if that fails, I know what I have to do regardless of my mindset. Just go back into what I know is the right thing and your mindset will catch up.

    • I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one falling off the sugar wagon. The stress has proven to be too much, and I’ve been looking for sugar to eat constantly the last month. I had been sugar free for 4 months and then I hit a low self esteem valley and poof! The sugar cravings were back! Today I am resolved to start fighting my way back to sugar free…it was lovely being sugar free!!