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I am asked a lot about how I managed to go sugar free; mainly what kind of food do I eat now and what products do I love. Here is my list of things that I love and recommend to you!

I highly recommend I Quit Sugar Cookbook from Sarah Wilson. Her recipes are nutritious and delicious. Many of her ideas are simple and easy to follow as well, and they can all be modified for your family and there are no hard to find products!


I have found coconut oil essential to my progress and knowing all the health benefits and beauty benefits it has been very cost effective to buy some. I use it for cooking oil, on toast, on my skin as a moisturizer, and run a very small amount through wet hair for moisture boost and de-tangler.

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil-extra Virgin

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil has a nice coconut smell and flavor that isn’t too overpowering. If you are using this oil in your cooking, the natural coconut flavor won’t overpower or interfere with the food’s flavor – it really won’t all turn out tasting like coconut.

This is an organic coconut oil, so with a lot of things it will be priced slightly higher than non-organic products. If you have the means to purchase the organic versions, then please do; if not, start with non-organic products

One thing when ordering coconut oil, always shop around and look for your favorite products and if they have a sale on, of course buying in bulk will save money too.


I love coconut butter. I am not ashamed to say I sometimes have spoonfuls of it straight from the jar. Coconut butter or Creamed coconut is different to coconut oil as it is the flesh of coconuts ground into a paste. I have a favorite that I always buy when I see it is on special, but if not, I am happy to make this myself and I will explain below how to make your own too.

Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter

There are many brands of coconut butter or coconut spreads out there but this one had the best flavor and I found it nice and smooth in texture. Remember that this will harden like the oil in cooler temperatures, so you can always place the jar in warm water to melt some or you can scrap some out of the jar and use in baking etc. I am basically of the scrap and eat school!!

If this is too expensive for you or you like making things for yourself, then this is so easy! I make my own and I also buy Artisana when I find it on sale.

How to make your own Coconut Butter/Coconut Spread/Creamed Coconut

  1. Grab a packet of unsweetened shredded coconut or unsweetened coconut flakes and put the coconut in your blender or food processor.  Using 2 cups (16oz) of coconut made a little over 1 cup (10 oz) of homemade coconut butter.
  2. Now turn on your blender/food processor and begin blending the coconut up. This will take around 10 – 20 minutes depending on your appliance.
    Please make sure to turn off the blender/processor to make sure it doesn’t over heat. So turn it off a few times while making this and scrape down the sides to make sure it is all down the blending end.
  3. You will notice it gets lumpy and then it will turn into a liquid. If you are having problems, you could sort of cheat by adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to make it super smooth.
  4. Once you have finished it to the texture you love, place it in a jar and you can keep it in the refrigerator or just eat it straight from the blender as I do!

Bob’s Red Mill Unsweetened Medium Shredded Coconut

I use MANY different shredded coconut brands, a lot of the time it depends on sale prices, what I feel like paying or if I am going halves with a friend and buying bulk. I do love Bob’s Red Mill though and recommend it due to it’s tastiness.

Gear Guide

I am asked a lot about what I use when I went sugar free; You can really go sugar free with very little extra appliances but here are a few of my favorite things that I use a lot!


There is a huge difference in the cost of blenders around at the moment, so I will list the one that I use but recommend another two that are both high end and cost effective.

The blender I use and love is  Blendtec. This is an expensive brand that I saved up to buy and bought when it was on sale. It has lasted for 3 years now and I expect it to last for another 20! This will not be on everyone’s wishlist but I read a lot about this blender and replaced my separate food processor and hand mixer with this.

Blendtec Home The Professional’s Choice Total Blender


Another blender that will replace a lot of appliances in your kitchen is the Vitamix. I don’t have one, but I know a lot about them!

It is a beast of blending and I honestly think the reviews speak for themselves. This is a machine that is well worth the money – so consider it an investment in your kitchen. Sell all your other appliances for it!  😉

Vitamix CIA Professional Series

If you are looking for affordable then the Oster seems to be the way to go. It can blend ice and make a decent smoothie. There are a heap for sale in varying cup sizes but this is an all rounder blender that performs well and won’t break your wallet.

Oster BCBG08-C 6-Cup Glass Jar 8-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel


  1. I notice that you use coconut(in it’s various forms) in just about every meal.
    Unfortunately this isn’t an option for me as I’m actually allergic to coconut.
    I don’t suppose you would be able to recommend a suitable alternative?

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