How to Stick to your Sugar Free Lifestyle during the Holidays

Help! How do I stay Sugar Free during the Holidays?

Our holidays and food are so closely intertwined, that many families don’t even celebrate the original holiday but culturally gather together for food and closeness.

Pumpkin Pie

We are all known to use food to show our love and care for our families and also to ourselves. Food during celebrations can be seen as the glue that holds us together; so how do you navigate this situation while being sugar free?

First we need to understand that we don’t have to feel forced or pushed into eating foods we know are bad for us – in the same way we don’t need to feel pressure to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Food does take on different meaning with different people in your life so it is always advised to tread carefully but keep the bigger picture in mind.

Don’t beat yourself up over not eating pieces of your grandmothers apple pie or a plate of your Aunt’s famous choc chip cookies, you will still have the sweet memories of them and their cooking, you just need to keep focused on your goal.

Be Prepared

If you are not prepared around the holiday times, you are more likely to slip up and eat sugar, and even binge. Make sure before you head to any parties that you have had some healthy food. Set yourself up for a good time by consuming some protein which will keep your hunger under control. Even consider bringing some healthy snacks that you can have while there.

Make sure your house is stocked with healthy and sugar free options so that you are not tempted and you can keep your resolve. Planning and being prepared will make the difference between eating junk food or making a better choice.

Take Food With You

This may not work for everyone, but consider taking your own healthy snacks and meals with you to events. Speak to the host/hostess before arriving and let them know you are being careful with your food and you are happy to bring some healthy foods with you.

Most people will be okay with this situation and you can provide vegetable platters, salads, protein options. If this is going to be a problem for your host, then make sure you eat your protein and fibre before attending so you can limit your desire for highly sugared foods.

Watch out for party drinks too, avoid cocktails and fruit punch options and take some soda water or mineral water with you that can be spritzed up with a slice of lemon or orange wedge.

Use recipes from any of the I Quit Sugar books, but I recommend: I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook, Healthy Family Meals, I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook or Simpilicious 306 Sugar Free Recipes.

Speak Up

Letting people know what your intentions are and that you are making an effort to change your life is important at holidays, especially when you may be nudged “just try one bite”!

Be open to talk about why you want to change, that you want to address your health and you hope that everyone understands and can help you through this. Let them know it’s hard but the payoff will be worth it. Make sure your family realize that you are not abstaining from their food because you don’t love them, as many people do connect food with love. Be open to talk about your choice and be open to criticism, but stand true with what you want to change and ask them to be nice since it is hard choice and you want to do your best.

Rehearse what you will say to people before you get there and be prepared mentally. It is hard, and you are making the right choice.

Have a great holiday and stay strong. These are tough times but they can be enlightening to see how far and how strong you are. You never know, you may find a ally among your family who also wants to make a change too!
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