I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson eBook Review

Quick Note – Before I start, I just want to let you know this review is for her eBook but Sarah has now released a printed version of her book which you can buy from me (using the link on the side or at the end of the review!). Hooray!

I used to think I didn’t eat a lot of sugar, in fact, if you asked me not that long ago I probably would have said I didn’t eat any sugar! Boy, how wrong was I!

I am always trying the new fad diets, I am a sucker for those things! I have done low carb, Atkins, Weight Watchers, low calories, you name it and I am sure I have tried it. I must admit others worked really well for me and I have kept up some form of the “fad” in my life, while some were just more hassle than it was worth. So low and behold I found about quitting sugar.

This has been something I had been thinking about for a long time. My husband actually made me painfully aware of how much sugar I added to things when he first tasted my home made version of a popular Starbucks drink! He thought it was atrocious, while I thought it was heavenly!

He is not a big sugar eater; he never adds sugar to anything, prefers dinner to dessert (blasphemy!) and is basically a meat and vegetable guy. I, on the other hand, lean towards the sweeter side of life! I adore chocolate (mixed with peanut butter, oh yes please!), sweet milky coffee, going to the movies and getting a choc-top and a big sweet soda, finishing a delicious meal with some chocolate, baking brownies, oh I could go on and on!

Light Bulb Moment

Truth be told, I have struggled with my weight (the dreaded 10 pounds from my tummy!) and for the last few years just have felt generally “yuck”. Each year goes past and my skin looks a little duller, my eyes just not as white and as I get older (sob) I really have not had a pep in my step like I used to.

I had done some “research” (googling ad nauseum and ending up feeling disheartened and then watching cat videos) and it appears that sugar is addictive and dangerous. No big news story there; we have all seen the rise in obesity, diabetes and heart related diseases just sky rocket in our society. This kind of thing never really made me feel like I wanted to change; more like not fitting into my favorite jeans and feeling good about myself  were my motivators.

Finding Sarah Wilson and her blog and book was a real light bulb moment for me. Here is this journalist who looks amazing but also lives a very clean life that seems achievable.

Finding the I Quit Sugar Guide

I Quit Sugar: My Simple 8-Week Program
is a 71 page guide and plan for how to quit sugar in stages… it is not a cold turkey style approach (though you can take this one if you want, and she provides information and recipes for those who are taking this step) and it is not a “do this or else” approach. She has a really honest approach about sugar and the affects to your body, buts he also keeps it about sugar, and she doesn’t dismiss any vegetable or grain. Its all about sugar.

I Quit Sugar Banner

Before you decide that you are just NOT able to quit <insert your favorite sweet food here>, you can be assured that the I Quit Sugar guide actually MAKES THE CASE for a slower more controlled method. You simply remove the fructose (sugar) from your every day diet and reset your taste buds and body. Then when you have this part all under control, you can slowly begin to add back into your diet a few pieces of fruit a day (this is NOT an anti-fruit book!) and even the occasional dark chocolate. She provides wonderful recipes and ideas to mimic some sweet favorites such as brownies!

The great thing about Sarah Wilson and the I Quit Sugar ebook and the I Quit Sugar Cookbook is that she is not preachy. There is no wrong or right way to do this, she wants you to take control for yourself, and she certainly never prescribes that what works for her will work for you. This is just not who she is, which is a bonus when at times I felt very guilty if I had a slice of cake. Her book would remind me that if you fall off the wagon, you just pick yourself up and the next day is there to make better decisions; or even the next meal!

In the ebook I Quit Sugar you will get:

  • A sharp 8-week program that walks you through each crucial stage, week by week
  • A tidy, easy-to-relay-to-friends-and family explanation of how and why sugar is making us fat and sick
  • A sugar replacement plan: tested and nutritionally sound
  • “Sweet” sugar-free recipes
  • New treat ideas
  • A detox and a suggested supplements list
  • A downloadable shopping list of new ingredients to replace sugar in your life

First step is to cut back; the second step is to begin to eat more fats; specifically coconut and animal fat. Now the big step is week three, quit the sugar completely and it is time to face your demons and look at why do you eat sugar, what triggers your emotional and hormonal responses. Look at what you are eating and really think about the food going into your body. This is part where fruit becomes a no-no. This is only to reset your taste buds ; you can begin to introduce fruit back into your diet to over the following weeks. Sarah gives so many wonderful recipes to try; snacks, breakfast, dinner and lunch.

images from the I Quit Sugar eBook


Easy to download, I went onto her website, used my PayPal account and for a relatively reasonable amount and bought her I Quit Sugar guide. To be honest, I would have easily walked into a bookstore and bought a hard backed copy for double the price since the pictures and layout is so wonderful. The book does have a lot of HTML links for the sources of the science being quoted, but this ebook is not reliant on internet access at all. So this is a great addition for people who are not constantly tethered to the internet.

Everyone, who is honest with themselves, knows that a healthy diet of plenty of different vegetables, healthy fats and occasional fruits is really the way to go. Although you would think if it were that simple, then why isn’t everyone just, you know, doing that! Reason is that sugar really is addictive for some people.  The guide that Sarah has put together really just focuses on the every day quitting of sugar, there is not too much science about sugar, it just arms you with the tools you need to make the change.

The I Quit Sugar book will really help you change your life for the better and it is truly sustainable.

Now the Printed Edition is in a BUNDLE!!

Finally for anyone has read this far and actually wants a PRINT version, Sarah has released one and you can buy it online in a bundle deal with the digital version!


8-Week Program Starter Pack - DIGITAL8-Week Program Starter Pack - DIGITAL + PRINTI Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook



  1. I just bought this the other day and have already started! I’m really excited to see how this works for me. On a side note, my version looks different than yours above – the pages don’t have much design or images.

    • Fantastic Alicia! Though what a time to start over Easter! Lucky the book has some wonderful chocolate ideas – I love the raspberry ripple!

  2. Hi Kate, great review, thank you!! I have the i quit sugar (the print edition). I am interested in a program, inclusive of meal plans etc Are they included in the I quit sugar, 8 week ebook? Or is the 8week ebook and the I quit sugar (the print edition) the same information?? Don’t want to double-up. Keen to hear your thoughts xx
    PS have you ever followed the 8 week online program?

    • Hi Emma,
      The ebook (digital) I Quit Sugar book is the same as the printed book. There isn’t a meal plan as such, just the ideas and shopping list guides. I haven’t tried the online program, though I am very keen to try it and would love to hear others who have done it and could review it for me!

      I think if you want a inclusive meal plan, think about the type of foods you are already eating and then see how you can clean them up by removing the excess sugars. Then look at changing meals one at a time. So start with your breakfast and make up a list of 3 – 4 things you like to eat for breakfast and then set that up to have as your only options for breakfast. Make sure they are wholefoods and low sugar / sugar free. Then I would look at my lunch meals, and then finally dinner meals. Make sure once you have gone through all of this and created a basic meal plan for a week, that you can look at a plan for the month.

      There are plenty of low sugar meal plans available online, check out diabetic websites but if you think about whole foods and good foods, then it is pretty easy to plan one for yourself. If you are counting calories, you can always head over to MyFitnessPal.com and sign up and start adding your food in there.

      My diet right now is not great – I am not as strict as I once was, so feel like I have slipped back a little. I am signing up to myfitnesspal to help with tracking my eating and food, so I can make it more of a real focus again. I am reading the I Quit Sugar ebook again to get my motivation and awareness back up!

  3. There is an interesting review of the I Quit Sugar book series here

  4. I was looking into doing this, but the program is so expensive. Did you buy the program and do it live or did you buy the book and go from there? I am hoping I can do this with the book. What brand of rice malt syrup did you use? I am in the USA and don’t know if I can find the pure harvest brand. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kate,

    Looks like your link to Sarah’s site is down. 🙂

    Other K

  6. i’m finding it so hard to find sugar free vegetarian diet plans. iv bought books before with 6 week plans and they ALL include fish and meat. theres really no substitute for fish as a veggie its such a distinct taste that without it the meals are really bland. any recommendations you may have would be great.