I Quit Sugar Cookbook – 108 Sugar Free Recipes!

Are you ready to change the way you cook, eat and feel?

Trying to quit sugar, but not really sure how to do it and, more importantly, sustain it?

Are you wanting to eat REAL food; simply, easily and with ZERO fuss?

The  I QUIT SUGAR COOKBOOK is the companion cookbook to the highly successful I Quit Sugar: a Sweet 8-Week program.

I Quit Sugar Cookbook Coverpage

Grab your copy of the I Quit Sugar Cookbook today to start your new healthy lifestyle!

One of the worst ways to attempt to really change your life is to continue to keep trying the same old programs and get the same old results which means you never change, you never break the cycle!

I honestly never thought I would be able to break my addiction to sugar and really take control of my health and body.

And to make things worse, I felt ASHAMED that I couldn’t do it! I had read so many stories of people who had taken control of their lives and beaten this habit. How come these people could do it but I couldn’t?

I was so sick of feeling ashamed of myself and never being able to control myself.

I am sure many of you can relate to what I am saying. Those feelings when you constantly compare yourself with someone else and imagine how happy you would be if you had the same determination and conviction.

Why was I not happy with what I had already achieved (even those little changes that seem like nothing!)? What was it that I really wanted? Well, that part is easy!


I wanted to be someone people asked how I DID IT and HOW I MANAGED TO MAKE REAL CHANGES in my life. I wanted people to ask me how I LOOK SO GOOD and how my HEALTH HAS IMPROVED!

I presume you know what I am talking about and I am here to tell you about what I did…

A simple change in what I was eating, or more to the point, what I was NOT eating!

Over 100 Sugar Free Recipes, you are guaranteed to love and live by!

Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar cookbook” is probably one of the more important food and lifestyle books I’ve read. Her research is meticulous and informed yet written with a positive, warm and humorous voice…”
By Jane Kennedy, writer, producer, director, actress and foodie

Is the I Quit Sugar Cookbook for you?

I Quit Sugar Cookbook is a recipe guide for anyone who wants to take control of the sugar intake in their lives.

Ask yourself a few questions to find out if this book is right for you and if you ready to change.

  • Are you looking to have fewer mood swings and feel great in yourself?
  • Constant energy to get things done day-to-day?
  • Lose that nagging weight that just never seems to shift?
  • Have a total lifestyle reinvention and take control of your health?
  • Reverse years of damage before things get out of hand?

Did you relate to any of these questions? If you think that you would like some of these aspects in your life to change, then you should take the opportunity to check out the I Quit Sugar Cookbook today.

Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Cookbook is honestly not like other recipe eBooks out there and here are some reasons why.

Sugar Free Granola from I Quit Sugar Cookbook

Food Photography

First off you will see the glorious food photography. It is just divine, and makes each dish look sumptuous – purely gluttony for the eyes! You may end up spending time just looking at the pictures instead of cooking!

An Interactive Recipe Book

I Quit Sugar Cookbook is so well designed that includes all the modern features you expect in an interactive eBook. These little extras such as the clickable print icon that lets you easily print the recipe or the shopping cart icon to add ingredients into a shopping list allow you to make full use of this cookbook.

The I Quit Sugar Cookbook is not a product you just download and never look at again; it is a useful interactive product that will make sugar free cooking a breeze and a joy!

Over 100 Recipes

This is a comprehensive cookbook with over 108 tested recipes that are both healthy, fulfilling and simple. That is the crux of the cookbook; good simple food that is going to make you healthier and happier.

The recipes are overflowing with good ideas and you are bound to have many ingredients already in your cupboard. It is a very no-nonsense approach to cooking and it won’t take you hours to create a meal , you won’t need to have the latest and greatest kitchen appliances, they’re easy to pull together, and don’t even require exact measurements.

Some of the recipes included are from famous guest contributors such as Gwyneth Paltrow (actress, singer and super mum!), Maggie Beer (Chef and Australian of the Year) and Mark Sisson (Writer on the Paleo Eating Movement).

The Philosophy

Simple and Straightforward; this is Sarah Wilson’s philosophy on cooking. She believes that recipes should be easy to follow, not require hard to find ingredients and be soulful and make one feel like they are truly eating for health and pleasure.

Less is more with Sarah and she chooses to go for a handful of good quality ingredients that are used throughout the book, so you don’t have to stock up on hundreds of new items for only one recipe.

So who is this Sarah Wilson?

Sarah Wilson

Sarah has worn many hats but she is mainly an Austrailan journalist and blogger (well, always Australian!). Qualified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, TV show host for the first season of MasterChef Australia and former editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Sarah has also travelled extensively and takes dietary ideas from many different cultures around the world so that you (and she!) can benefit from them.

She lives a sugar free lifestyle and her passion is to be a healthy vibrant woman and to share her knowledge with you.

Who helped Sarah with this book?

Sarah was lucky enough to have the input of some of the world’s best foodies, chefs and health gurus to contribute their own recipes. The list is quite impressive;

Gwyneth Paltrow
Actress, singer, mother and author of her own cookbook Notes From My Kitchen Table. She involves her kids in cooking and leads a balanced healthy life with good food!

Maggie Beer
Maggie is a legend and arguably Australia’s best-loved food personality. Recipient of Senior Australian of the Year 2010 and South Australian of the Year 2011 awards, and is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) 2012.

Pages from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook

What can I expect?

You can expect a cookbook that is not about deprivation or limitations, but more about embracing nature’s natural sweeteners such as stevia, honey and cinnamon.

I Quit Sugar Cookbook covers a lot of information about going sugar free; the basic foods and tools you will want to have hand in your kitchen; places to shop online for great foods and substitutions. This is all included so you don’t need any other guides!

Pesto from I Quit Sugar Cookbook

The recipes are split up into nine easy to follow sections:

  1. Breakfast ideas
  2. Smoothies
  3. Sweet stuff
  4. Savoury snacks
  5. Sweet treaties
  6. Green + clean meals
  7. Sugar free kids
  8. Sauces
  9. A final cup of tea.

Many other great tips throughout the book include how to substitute ingredients, information about ingredients that may be new to some people, plus she includes great cooking tips!

There’s an abundance of delightful and intriguing new ideas that are bound to tempt your tastebuds.

I Quit Sugar Cookbook Coverpage

Grab your copy of the I Quit Sugar Cookbook today to start your new healthy lifestyle!

photography by Marija Ivkovic


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    Hi I would like to tell you I have a hard time with cooking because I am allergic to grains and wheat and oats . And sugar it’s so hard to find the right book . So I just take what I can from each sugar free book I can find . I would like ideas.