I Quit Sugar Smoothie Cookbook

I Quit Sugar Smoothie Recipes

Finally an I Quit Sugar Smoothie recipe book!

I Quit Sugar Clean ‘n’ Green Smoothies includes:

  • Sugar-free, scoop-able smoothie bowls.
  • Breakfast whips and overnight oats.
  • 8-Week Program approved blends.
  • Show stopping, layered mousses.
  • Smoothie toppers.
  • The benefits of a green-packed breakfast.
  • A breakdown of green smoothies vs green juices.
  • What ingredients to use instead of high-fructose bananas.
  • How to store and freeze ingredients.
  • What to look for when choosing your blender.
  • A bonus converter for metric and imperial measurements.

What I like about this book is that there are a lot of options for the type of smoothie you want to make. I love that she has added to her recipe book range a book that was not just a fruit smoothie but one that included ingredients to make a more complete meal and this definitely hit the mark. With the information included in the book, it is a lot easier to create new types of smoothies and drinks and change them up as I like.

smoothie yumm

Smoothies and the IQS Program

A big question a lot of people will want to know is “does this fit in with the IQS Program?” and luckily there are a fair amount of recipes for people to try while doing the program.

Be warned; there are recipes in the book that don’t fit into the 5 week no fruit phase, but this should help keep you on track to when you can introduce the fruit back into your diet!

I love the recipes that I’ve tried so far. This book has given me a new appreciation for smoothies and the recipes are definitely worth trying.