Quitting Sugar – The Long term Pros and Cons List

This is my long term list of the pros and cons of quitting sugar. This must also be prefaced with the idea that I failed my first few attempts. I am not perfect – far from it! Check out my short term list if you are just starting out!



Money! I have said this in my first list, but as the time when on this actually became a very noticeable amount! I have ended up putting this money aside every night what I didn’t spend during the day and I will soon have enough to buy myself a new laptop! This is definitely a long term goal to get something so expensive from the amount I saved per day (let’s say it was around $10) to make that add up to a computer but when the amount was in a separate bank account or when I took the money straight from my purse and put it in a jar at home, then I was able to see the benefit and actually made me want to save more.

I explore new foods. This was a big upside! Using the recipe book and the recipes included in the 8-week plan  I was able to try a wide range of new food that I would never normally have tried. I tried to get samples or asked friends and family if they had an ingredient first so that if I didn’t like it, I knew someone who would be happy to use it or share some with me. This reduced my fear in actually giving new things a go. I used the internet a lot of find out about heaps of new foods and if I could make it myself or where to get a coupon. Trust me, Google can be your shopping friend!

Learning to cook I will throw in there too. I already know how to cook, I am not a bad cook either but just branching out with new ingredients and methods has made me better.

I no longer have to explain myself. Most people who know me were well and truly used to my refusal to eat or drink sugar – so they stopped offering me things they knew I would say no to. No more asking me, or pressuring me, to join them in a slice of cake in the office or to grab a handful of M&Ms. The temptations were all still there but there was no more pushing and no more having to explain why I said no. I actually felt freer and I never have any fear of questioning if I slip up and eat something that is on my “not good” list. I know why I quit sugar, I know I slip up and I know how to get back on track. These were things I never was very good at before!


The feeling of missing out has never really gone away. It is a lot less though, I am not all consumed by this feeling anymore. But I do sometimes feel like I am missing out when I go for dinner and every one orders a dessert. I usually try to order a cheese platter but I do stick to my guns and avoid sugar. I just sometimes feel sad about this… is it worth it? Yes I KNOW it is and that I need to change my mindset around this or find a nice tea or coffee I can have that makes me better about this. But yes, this is still with me.

I annoy myself with my internal preaching monologues! This is hilarious and embarrassing, but I admit that I annoy myself when I criticize menus or people around me when they stuff a hot jam donut into their mouth or when they order a skinny latte with 2 sugars. I annoy myself with the constant chatter in my head. I have to calm this and accept people can do what they like, and their bodies are their bodies. I just need to be concerned with myself and that in and of itself is a full time job!!  I don’t have time to worry about other people… I promise I will change!

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