Weight Loss Tips when Quitting Sugar

When you begin to quit sugar, you will be doing it for many different reasons, and the one we will look at here is in relation to weight loss.

Vegetables are great for a healthy diet!

Why Would Quitting Sugar Lead to Weight Loss?

Changing your sugar habits will have a direct effect to the food you start to ingest. You will have to teach your body to metabolise and function on different varieties of food sources and even drinks.

If you are consuming 3 sodas (even diet sodas) a day, by simply stopping this habit and reaching for water instead you will be making a difference to your body. This may not be a dramatic weight loss such as 3 pounds, but you will notice over time that you are slimmer and less bloated, and have you seen how much sugar is in a soda, it is a lot!

What if I have quit Sugar and I am not seeing any changes?

If you have quit sugar, making your food from scratch and avoiding all hidden sugars (to the best of your ability) and you still haven’t noticed a loss in weight, here are a few weight loss tips and tricks to see where the problem might lie:

  • Create a Food Journal

By creating a food journal you can really find out what is going on. Have you been having eating too much and compensating for a loss in sugar? Even not eating enough good calories can make shifting the weight harder to achieve. Everyone will have their own balance as our bodies are different, so you need to work this on out to see results.

  • Overeating as Compensation

Overeating other foods as a compensation for removing of sugar can affect your goals. Are you loading up on sugar free processed snacks and not realising that it is also a problem. If you are overeating, try to find some other things to do to take your mind off of food. Spending time working out why you are overeating can also help with hit that goal.

  • Portion Control

Similar to overeating, is controlling how much you eat. Set yourself reasonable portions, don’t starve yourself but aim to reduce the amount that you were previously eating. Make sure you do everything slowly, and don’t force yourself to eat one salad a day and then hope to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime (this is just asking for trouble). Make yourself your regular meals, and wait 20 minutes before having more food if you are still hungry. Keep eating regular meals too, don’t skip meals to force yourself to drop the weight.

  • A Lifestyle Change

There are many reasons to quit sugar, but the biggest change should be a lifestyle change. This isn’t a lose weight fast diet, this is going to change a lot of things in your life – so make sure you are letting it happen. Increase your exercise amount; take a 15 minute walk in the morning and then again in the evening. Use this small amount of daily exercise to then increase it as you get stronger and force other things out of your life. Clean up how you spend your time, if you notice you spend a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV, try to attempt to do a 30 minutes yoga session. There are many free yoga sessions and moves available online, so you can turn it on your computer while you watch TV. At least you will still be watching your favorite programs, but at least you are being more active. Take this big move of quitting sugar and turn it into the true wonderful lifestyle change you want.

  • Gazelle Like Focus

Lastly, keep focused and don’t be disheartened. You will read about people who lost 30 pounds in their first two months and others who are still struggling. Its all takes time and patience as we are all different and will experience different results. Be sure that you are doing the right things for your health and well being and know that others are with you on this journey too.
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  1. Hey Kate!

    Over the last 3 weeks, I have made the change and have quit sugar. I have been eating very healthy- recorded everything I eat in my fitness pal ( have finished in a deficit over the past 2 weeks) and exercising every day but have not lost a kg. I know its only been 2 weeks but I really dont understand why I’m not losing weight. I just returned from being overseas for 6 months- where I did very little exercise and gained 6kg. So the weight is there to be lost. I didn’t eat very well & really don;t get why the weight isn’t moving

    • Hi Jayne,
      Congratulations on making a good change for your health and body!
      I think most people will agree that making a change such as quitting sugar and eating healthier is a great way to lose weight but it certainly isn’t overnight. My changes actually took a little longer than I would have liked… I would estimate for me to lose my first kilogram of weight was around the 1 month mark. I am not sure but my body took a while to begin transformation – I am not as young anymore so let’s just blame that!

      I think you should stay strong, stay committed and if you say you are eating healthier and using your fitness pal and doing the calculations right, then I think you are the track to success. You body is going to change with the diet changes and you will feel stronger mentally and physically with the exercise (don’t burn yourself out though!!). Make sure you are tracking your drinks in Fitness Pal as well.

      I must admit that over the last 6 months I have been slipping up and have had moments where I indulge, but I never let myself feel bad about it. I just keep on making better decisions and feel strong in each choice I make!

      Let me know how you are going in the 2 month mark and I am sure your words will be that the weight is coming off! Stick with it, feel fantastic and never regret the moments or food you ate on your trip! 🙂

      • Jayne and Kate,

        I just wanted to share that I have been trying to make similar changes in my lifestyle as well (though not totally cutting out sugar, at least not yet!), with a LOT to lose. Usually in the first month the weight comes off very quickly, but not this time. I have lost a little bit, but it seems much slower. I agree that age may be a factor (I am now in my mid-40s)… but I am determined to keep up what I am doing because now it is not just to lose weight, but to improve my health and fitness overall in a very permanent way. That mindset is making a difference in how I am handling what I see on the scale and not get discouraged. I know that no matter what, I am taking good care of my body with the choices I am making, and that eventually the weight will follow. 🙂

        • Hi Amy,
          I agree that with age the weight gets harder to shift and it seems to be a slower process. I try to focus on my feelings and my health before I check my weight.
          You are in the right head space to make the big changes – you have a focus on your health and happiness. I hope you achieve all your goals and that you live a long and healthy life!! Let us know your tips and ideas too!!!

        • Hi Amy,
          Please keep doing what you started. I laughed when I read mid 40’s. I wish I was still there. I just turned 67 and I’m struggling to change my bad eating habits. Don’t stop, it’s much harder as you get older. I wish I had changed my eating years ago because now it has caused me many medical problems. Keep up the good work it will be very important to you down the road

    • Hi,
      I quit sugar and artificial sweetner on 1st October, as a months challenge initially. I lost 10lb in that month. I have continued this way of eating and have made big lifestyle changes. I then began in November a beginners running programme and am now managing to run for 25 minutes, 3 times a week. I also walk the dog for 30-45 minutes on the other days. What I can’t understand is that I am not losing any more weight?! I have plenty to lose, and with the changes I have made, I would have thought I would be seeing a steady loss. I am feeling a little disheartened ?

      • Catherine says:

        How do your clothes feel? Are they getting loose? You may be losing fat and gaining muscle which will lead to positive changes to your body but not necessarily weight loss.

    • This was a longtime ago, I’d love to know how it turned out

  2. Thank you for these great tips. This is just what I needed to read.

  3. Hi, quick question…
    My husband has gone sugar free for health reasons (not weight loss) but he is very discouraged as he’s actually been gaining weight since quitting (I think 2 kg thus far). Is this normal/does it usually/often happen??


    • Hi Lauren,
      Most people who go through the Quit Sugar program do find they lose weight, but sometimes it takes longer for some people to adjust to the new diet and new eating habits. I didn’t lose weight straight away and it took me around a month to see a some weight drop. It pays to keep going, adjust the amount of food he may be eating and try incorporating some light exercise (walking or even swimming), something that will help the body feel energized and allow it to reset quicker.
      I bet if he sticks with it, he will see a difference soon!

  4. Hi Kate,
    I have quit sugar now for 5 weeks and not lost any weight. Am not sure if I am eating too much fat. I have one snack in the evening after three healthy meals of protein and veg. Snack is usually either a piece of cheese, coconut & avocado lollie or tablespoon of peanut or coconut butter or small bowl of full fat Greek yoghurt with coco nutty granola. Occasionally I may have a snack like this during the day as well. Am I eating too much? Please help- thanks!

    • Hi Ania, It does take some people a long time before they see weight loss. If you really want to know if you are eating too much, in terms of losing weight, you can try an online calorie calculator. Combine this with the low sugar recipes and you will be onto a path for healthy weight loss. Have you been incorporating some light exercise as well? Maybe your body just needs a little bit of a push to get it going?

      I would suggest, finish the detox guide – you only have 3 weeks left – and then see how you are going. Focus on your inner health and your new found lifestyle of low sugar. Once you have completed the guide, you can look into calorie calculators and perhaps see if you are over eating. I recommend My Fitness Pal (I am not paid to recommend this!) and I have used to find out exactly what I am eating and to help keep track of my food. By the sounds of it, you really are doing the right thing and following the program. Stay focused – you sound like you are doing the best thing? You never mentioned how you feel?? Do you feel better for the change or are you only seeking the weight loss portion? I say embrace the postives in what you achieved and make weight loss the next challenge.

      I hope this helps, it is hard as every one is so different and we are all doing different things in our lives. Honestly, I find it tough to shift the weight and as I get older it gets harder! Stay positive!!!

      • Thanks for your quick response Kate! After feeling lethargic, headachy and depressed the first couple of weeks, I now feel so much more energetic. The headaches have gone and my mood has lifted tremendously. My skin is also a lot better and even though I still miss something sweet I don’t obsess about it like I used to.
        With regards to my fitness pal, given that the IQS way of eating is not a weight loss plan as such and includes high cal fat, do I stick to the calculated daily calorie consumption my fitness pal recommends or should I increase the calorie allowance a bit. I do a fair bit of walking and swim on alternate days. I am 51 years old, 5ft 2inches tall and would like to loose a couple of stone as Sarah did when she ditched the sugar.
        Thanks again

        • Hi Ania,
          I would probably stick to Sarah’s guide for now and just let the weight loss portion just slide for now. It sounds like you have made HUGE strides and have made a huge difference in your life already. When the detox is finished, you can evaluate where you are at and create a new plan using the fitness pal and do some calorie counting that includes the new types of foods you are eating. There are so many great recipes online to help with meal planning.

          Sounds like you are really making a big change, and yes it is hard as we get older, but think of the great changes you have made and if you keep applying those changes and making good decisions, you will notice a change in your weight.

          Keep going with it and don’t lose hope – I know you will see the results you want soon.

  5. I know that many of you are frustrated about not losing weight on the scale. I didnt either at first BUT the more you stick with it, the better off you will be. I noticed the dropping of inches. After about 8 weeks MANY people asked if I had been losing weight. I had to tell them no because the scale had not budged! However, I must have been appearing thinner to them. So keep it up! I had a little slip up (summer) and I am back on the “no sugar train”. On day 2 I am already remebering why this is a better lifestyle for all of us. Good luck!

    • That is so true Jessica. Most often people will see you lose weight before the scale does! I lost weight in my face first and people mentioned I looked different but not thinner. I took the compliment as I knew I was doing the right things and changing my lifestyle.

      Don’t worry about your slip up! Life is full of them, just keep going and make better decisions for yourself next time!!

      (great site too! I need to declutter my house now!!)

  6. I quit sugar in January 2014. I am overweight and have only just started to slowly lose weight now in August. I felt my body was repairing itself and I needed that time to mend internally. I recently had blood tests and from the doctors reaction I could tell that my body is now balanced and nourished. It made me feel this is worth the effort. Now that I am a slowly losing weight it doesn’t feel like a diet, it feels like I have made a decision to eat differently and built a future for myself. Finally, I am in control of my body. Really, stop worrying about weight loss, its beside the point. Just make a decision to do your best and when you falter, get back on track. You can do this.

    • That is a good point Dee. Quitting sugar should form a bigger part of a lifestyle change than just about weight loss. Congratulations on your hard work!! Your story is an inspiration.

  7. I am desperate to give up sugar as I constantly crave it and am eating large amounts of sweet stuff which has made me put on weight. I am aware that most of my eating is emotional but the sugar cravings are terrible. All the sugar free cook books I see are full of things I can’t eat as I can’t eat any nuts including coconut probhe replaments seem to be nut based. There must be other people out there with the same problem? What do people suggest?

    • Cindy Kendall says:

      Hi Wendy, I was like you , I had a real sweet tooth too. I lost my cravings by eating more protein and less carbs and I seem to have lost the urge for sugar. I read, ” if it’s sweet, don’t eat it ” . I’ve kept by that for 5 weeks now. I don’t look at sweet, dessert, no sugar dessert recipes, only savoury recipes. Sugar is poison. Remember that. This is a life changer for me as I can’t afford to put on any more weight.
      I have had some dark chocolate in the evening tho. Good luck.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I’m a few weeks in and the weight doesn’t really seem to be budging minus the initial water weight. Like you, I have Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue, so that is most likely the culprit.
    Currently my carbs come from only veggies and my fats are def under control.
    Should I be adding in some more starches? I remember from your experience you said that you stick to meat/veg/fat and your thyroid eventually evened out and you lost the weight. This is what I’m aiming for as I put on 30lbs miraculously fast.
    Thanks 🙂

  9. It’s been nearly two weeks with no breads, pasta, sweets and all other sweeteners. I eat plain oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and beans several times per week–there’s my grains. I’ve lost over 10lbs. I can’t believe it!!! So all I had to do was quit the sweets/unnecessary carbs for my weight to budge? Isn’t that something. I’m eating mindfully now; whereas in the past, I’ve tried mindful eating, but it just didn’t work. Once my knee is totally healed, I’ll be able to start running and working out again. I’m hoping to lose plenty of weight before my bowel resection coming early 2015.
    Some days, being sugar-free feels like prison. I start to feel enclosed and isolated, I almost panic. But I calm myself by reminding myself that I am healing my body and mind and these feelings will decrease over time; they’re just feelings. So far so good. But I’ve got a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better; especially with the holidays fast approaching.

    • You can do it Stace! You have had great progress so far and you know hat you are doing the best thing for yourself! Be kind to yourself over the holidays and make sure you have fun while making sure you stick to your program!

      We are here if you need any encouragement over the holidays!

  10. I’ve been sugar and carb free for 3 weeks now. And I’m so tired.
    This is why I quit sugar in the first place. Feeling lost

    • Hi Emma,

      Don’t give up! You are doing no sugar and no carbs and your body is adjusting. It is recommended to watch what you eat and make sure you include loads of vegies and fat to make sure you fuelled.


      Many people who go onto Paleo diets also experience this and their tips are really relevant to you and where you are at. But it seems like you are 3 weeks in, which may just be your body adjusting.

  11. Cindy Kendall says:

    Like Emma, I gave up sugar and low carbs 6 weeks ago. Apart from initial weight loss of 5 kilos I’ve been on a plateau for 4 weeks. I’m tired and lethargic. No energy to exercise or want to. I don’t have any cravings, but I seem to be stuck in a rut. Where do I go from here?
    I need to lose 10 more kilos.

  12. Hannah Weddell says:

    Hi everyone! I have been off the sugar about a week and a half. I am not struggling too much… I bought a slow cooker and have been trying out the slow cooker recipes which are fantastic! I have gained weight though. I am not stressing at this stage… just trying to remain focused and know why I have started his journey. I am still having some wholemeal bread and a few potatoes in the casseroles here and there… but I eating lots more veg which I am loving! I am finding it hard to get my head around full fat milk, full fat yoghurt and cheese though haha!

    I will keep everyone posted on my weight loss though of time. I think we will all have a very unique journey and we need to stay positive and know that this is the best thing we can ever do for ourselves


  13. Hi, I have always struggled to quit drinking soda, and actually started detoxing from it 3 days ago, but then got really moody, headache all day long and I want being very nice to my husband,but i knew it was the sugar. Well I’m back on soda again, but I really want to stop. This addiction had to cease. Please help

    • Hi Oriana,

      I would suggest you take the slow and steady way to quit the soda. You should look at cutting back the amount of soda you drink a day. Say if you had 4 glasses a day, you should aim for only three and supplement the 4th one with a water with a squeeze of real lemon, lime or orange. This way you can start to get use to less sugar and still have a flavored drink. I would aim to cut back a drink every 3 or 4 days so that it is gradual. If you feel yourself getting anxious, have a small glass of water and then go for a quick walk – say 5 mins or so.

      You need to start learning to taste different things. I wouldn’t suggest using mineral water with juice as you should try and change the desire for bubbly drinks.

      Give this a go and see how you progress. If you struggle, just refocus and try again. Another idea to help is to reduce sugar in other areas such as having a protein filled breakfast or focus on another meal of the day.

      You can do this, it will just take time but it is a big journey. We know you can do it, and I am here for you! just make small changes every day!

  14. Hi,
    Some background – I was putting about 8 -9 packs of sugar a day in my coffee, plus drinking one to two cans of Sprite every day. I also was not watching my caloric intake, but it had to be well above 2000 calories a day. In the past three weeks I have cut out all added sugars (the only sugar I get is in fruit) and limited myself to 1200 or fewer calories. While I’ve gone over 1200 a day or two, I’ve managed to adjust it so that I am still below the weekly goal. Yet, I’ve only lost three pounds, and over the last two days actually gained one of them back. I’m unhappy that I had to give up my coffee and other foods, but it would be worth it if I’d at least lose weight. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Kristie,
      Reduction in calories will reduce weight, but for some people this may take a little longer than others. Are you making sure you are getting enough whole foods and varied nutrition? Are you introducing some light exercise and really tracking your food?
      Cutting back on the sprite and the sugar in your coffee is for your benefit and it is hard, but this is a great step.
      I would suggest some light exercise might kick your metabolism into gear! Try going for some light jogs or some long walks and see how that works.

      • Hello,
        I am I’ll with fibromyalgia am going to be starting a juice diet (nit juice fast), homemade yogurt, and food resistion diets (carbs-sensitivy) to re-adjust many bodily systems.

        First, most of you are going about the “weight loss” te wrong way: either mentally or physically.

        Forget the scale, Muscle is twice as heavy as fat– the scale will make you feel you aren’t losing, or worse, GAINING weight.

        1) take measurements of your body at ariius points (wrists, upper arms, lowere forearms, thighs, calves, stomach– below/above belly button, waste/hips, chest, neck, etc.)
        * goggle bodybuikd sites, or BeachBody.com (seller of exercise videos) to find spots.

        2) take pics (for you) in shorts and bar/bathing suit, etc– front, back, left/right body profile in about 3 different positions: arms at sides, arms bent in biceps pose– AGAIN, THE WEBSITES WILL TELL YOU HOW/HAVE EXAMPLES. (Someone jay heed to help you w/measurements also, not just Pics)
        ** keep pics but forget about them.
        ** take new Picss/measurements every month. KEEP RECORDS LOG, but forget about it!

        first, is you goal to lose weight, or to have a nice body or both?
        Different people will require different exercises to sculpt bdy– butnoet’s talk about JUST DIET. — getting off sugar is great, but it’s NOT making IN less calories than YOU’re putting out. You need a “calory deficiet” — You can’t walk for half an hour and burn 45 calories and then eat a 90-calorory piece of cheese and expect to lose weight– you’re EATTING MORE THAN PUTTING OUT!

        BUT, if you’re thin ahd want beautiful sculpted arms, this is perfect! The protein fro

        • 2nd part about weight loss:
          Sorry, tablet glitched (and auto correct is killing me– I and spell “and” LOL

          I was saying the calories/proteien from the cheese will BUILD your arm muscles.

          3) To the woman above that inspired je to write this – YOU CANNOT GO FROM 2,000 CALORIES A DAY TO 1200! YOU MIGHT LOOSE WEIGHT FOR A FEW WEEKS, BUT IT’S WATER WEIGHT, residue from colon, etc.

          You’re body is going into starvation mode & you can easily start gaining 5, 10, 30 lbs In a very short time period.

          Figure out how much you want to weigh– let’s say you’re 160 and you what to weight 135 (you jay heed to do this is innstages, especially if you’ve Never been 135 lbs.) And Google calories needed for weight loss & eat the calories amount someone who’se 135-145 lbs would eat– of good food!
          * you cah lose weight just wuth calories deduction– 3500 calories equals 1 pound. So going from 2000 calories to 1500, will give you a a 1 lb lose/week.
          * add exercise of 200 calories/day & 6,000/month and you’re looking at almost 3lbs a month.
          * heavier people lose Big Weight (20 lbs the first month) easier then slightly over weight people, because our systems work.
          That system is the same system that will make YOU GAIN WEIGHT if it thinks the Mamoths have died and you drop from 2000 calories to 1200!

          Read about meal portion, Carb/protein/fats and the percentage yu need per meal/day, pre-workout/post workout.

          Last, you will go up & down in body size and “looks” as you domthis– you CANNOT spot reduction! Meaning–lose just belly fat!

          You’re arms will look great, then huge– until you take Fat off, fat is over muscle, both covering it up & making your arms look huge!
          * don’t worry, you’ll even out. That’s when yountaje out pics (3, 4, 6 months later and see arm muscles, and thigh reduction, and thinner face!!!)
          * that when yr measurements shiw you lost 5 inches in your stomach WHILE scale says you’ve been stuck at the SAME WEIGHT FOR 3 MONTHS.


          AGAIN, sorry for typos: autocorrect Plus fibro pain just doesn’t always give me the time to proof I want, but I thought info was more important 🙂

  15. Elise Winterflood says:

    I would like to add that some of us aren’t meant to be thin. What society deems as a healthy weight is not the same for each body.

    I’ve quit sugar for over a year, I have put on weight, but I feel great. I don’t like the weight but I think it is due to me being fairly inactive for the year while I studied. I also eat healthy fats in place of sugar, and perhaps need to watch my serving sizes.

    I just recently joined an online yoga video site and have been doing yoga most mornings. It’s great because I can do it in my home any time that suits me. I am hoping my body becomes more toned, I certainly feel better in my body, more physically alive, it’s only been a week.
    I am trying not to concentrate on the weight, and just feel happy in my body, strong and energetic.
    When I gave up sugar my natural energy returned, it took about four days but then suddenly I felt high, as if every cell in my body was vibrating. It was incredible. It never went away, I just got used to it. My moods balanced out and reduced my monthly premenstral depression. Now, if I accidentally eat sugar I get emotional and teary the next day, I definitely function better without it. I work in a school and can’t believe children can think or function after eating cups of jelly, cupcakes and sugary treats. Sarah Wilson says our bodies can handle two teaspoons a day, I feel this is true. It’s hard to give it up because it has been equated with love, and self-love, treats, since we were tiny.
    Good luck everyone!

    • Hi Elise,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and it is so true!!!! We aren’t all meant to be thin as what everyone thinks we should be. Quitting sugar is more than weight loss, it is a whole change in your attitude and life. Really about embracing good health for yourself!

  16. Lindyloo says:

    Hi Kate…
    I broke the sugar habit about 12 months ago, feeling so great about it. I found though, I had this constant feeling of not really being settled with in myself. This feeling was there all the time and I couldn’t shake it, I never really felt at peace.
    l don’t feel this way when lm back on sugar, the pressure has gone.
    I did the 12 week program and totally got off sugar and fruit, but lm at witts end now, l eat alot more sugar now than l used too, its making me really sick, dissy and sore. What can l do to get back on track again, as l feel so weak and helpless 🙁

    • Hi Lindyloo,

      Sounds like you have the ability to cut back on sugar but you are not happy when you are fully off sugar. How about you bring in certain aspects of the program into your life and just be okay with that? Maybe remove sugar from drinks or adding in any extra sugar into foods. Still have fruit but take a more less is more mode with it.

      The program shouldn’t make you feel unsettled or stressed. I tend to find if food programs are hard to follow, or restrictive then I will worry and stress about being “perfect” about following all the rules. With the Quit Sugar program, I found that doing it all the way once, meant I knew a lot more about my body and life so that I could actually make positive changes in what I ate and what I did.

      I think Lindyloo you should relax – there is no right or wrong way to do this.

      Find opportunities that you can cut back on the sugar, but don’t feel like if you don’t cut all sugar then you “haven’t quit sugar” or that you don’t fit into some weird “I quit sugar club”. There isn’t a club and there is no one but yourself to tell you if you have or haven’t quit sugar. You know when you are at your healthy and happy balance.

      You know what to do – you really do – and you know what makes your life work and function, so make the compromise, have some sugar and remove the rest!!! You will be happier for it and feel like you are where you need to be.

  17. I have recently quit sugar, I’m on day 3, its not the first time that I quit so I understand what a hard journey it is. I am already slim and I really don’t want to lose to much weight. Do you have any tips to keep the weight on? Lots of my calories have been coming from cakes and biscuits and the flour and butter and milk in them too. Thanks

    • Hi Helen,

      This isn’t always a concern for some of us! But to keep the weight on you need to monitor what you eat as well. You need to make sure you are getting the best nutrition and calories for the day. Eat loads of whole foods to keep yourself satiated and relaxed about the sugar journey, but if you are concerned you are not eating enough then try an app such as MyFitnessPal and set a calorie level to hit and make sure you are eating those calories. Think of a wide variety of food to make sure you are not just eating salads to get through!

      Make a meal plan too – that will help you know if you are getting the right amount of calories for your height/weight/age.

  18. IQS a year ago – and have put on a stone in weight 🙁 In despair.
    Have stuck with it for so long because I feel better, my IBS has gone, my cold sores have greatly reduced in frequency and I feel more clear headed with better sleep. But I am now losing my nerve, feel grossly overweight, none of my clothes fit……..
    I eat only health fat’s as per Sarah’s IQS program, no seed oils at all. I’ve chucked out all my old recipe books and cook meals from quitting sugar websites. We don’t use any cook in saucs, marinades or ready meals. I rarely drink coffee from cafes. All the food in my house contains less than 5% sugar or none. I don’t eat any of the obvious culprits for hidden sugars, limit my fruit intake to 2-3 pieces a week (only pears, kiwi and raspberries), have never had sugary drinks, limit my alcohol intake and if I eat out it’s usually a steak and veggies. I’ve dropped bread and hardly ever eat pasta. Yet the weight piles inexorably on and on. My body feels grotesque and I’m in despair and losing my nerve. Any advice would be gratefully received.

    • Hi Jill,

      It sounds like you are doing all the right things and following the IQS guide to the letter.

      My recommendation would be to perhaps see your doctor. It could be some medicine your are taking or even your body saying something isn’t right that you are feeling this way and not moving the weight. I would speak to them first.

      Another option would be see a nutrionitst and fitness coach. They may be able to work with you and your diet to help shift the weight you want. Especially since you have already cleaned up your diet, it will be easy for them to make a great plan for you to reach your goals!

      Don’t give up hope! There are so many options you can take to get to your goals, but make sure you don’t get too down on yourself. You are making these changes to make yourself happy, to be confident and healthy, so keep those goals in mind. You have already done SO WELL to have the dedication to clean up your diet. This is just a speed bump and you will get over it!!!!!!!


  19. Hi Kate!
    I’m so happy to have found your site. I’ve been struggling with my weight for ages and have tried nearly everything under the sun and swallowed a lot of conventional wisdom. A couple weeks ago I watched two documentaries talking about the toxic effect of sugars. After some thought, I begrudgingly gave up all processed sugars, fruit (for the moment) and artificial sweeteners. I’m nine days in and I feel good and my clothes are much looser. I finally feel hopeful. I’ve always known sugar is not good for you, but I don’t think I really understood how far reaching its impact.

    I’m so excited to keep reading through your posts and the comments following for more inspiration! Have a great day! – Colleen

    • Hi Colleen,

      I am glad you are giving it your all and your are seeing results at 9 days in! You are doing a great thing for yourself and your body. Keep up the great work and if you need inspiration feel free to come back. If you have any other tips for other readers, let us know! There are always new things to learn!!
      regards, Kate

      • hi
        I am 42 years old
        I quit the using sugar in all forms from a month. surprisingly I lost my 2 kg in 10 days. than after my weight stuck and yesterday weight scale shows again 2 kg gain. I am disappointed to see this result. please help me out what I do now. its very hard for me to stop my self use sweets after see this weight gain again.

  20. Your site is great! I quit sugar in June, and have only slipped on my birthday, and it’s really made a difference 🙂 I just found your website and I’m sure it’ll help me! It really is a lifestyle as oppose to a diet, it’s really helped to not see it as “I’l do it until I lose 10 pounds” but instead cut sugar because you want to.

  21. I have just started quitting sugar 2 days back. I intend to take it slow. My biggest sugar hits come from multiple cups of tea and coffee (i love caramel and mint mocha lattes) . I am switching to drinking 10 glasses of water and 1 cup of tea with half a tsp sugar now and added in a daily walk with HBD . Let’s see how it goes. The toughest would be giving up my weekly coffee and i feel sad even thinking about it.

  22. Haris Noushad says:

    Dear Kate,
    I would love to share my no sugar experience here. It’s been 15 days exactly since i stopped consuming sugar in all the forms including the hidden, to best of my knowledge. The results are encouraging as i could see in the mirror that i have acheived an even skin tone with a remarkable shedding of facial fat, worked well on my waist line also. These days i have focussed mainly on vegetables like beans, egg plant and bitter guard along with egg white and chicken. I am from india so i cooked them in my own way with added spices and oil but made sure that any ready made stuffs wont spoil the attempt with hidden sugar. So even for salad i avoided the so called dressings available at hyper markets, i completely avoided that aisle of products. Also i do learn from another site that if you are on a no sugar diet, fat wont be a serious issue and that is why i tried frying the beans in oil. Besides i replacedthe sugar craving with a lot of snacks, all natural which include peanuts, pistachio and almonds. So what i learned from you and based on my experince is that the pleasure part of you brain will make you crave for sweet , but you can replace that pleasure with a more enjoyable alternatives just like i did replace the sugar with pistachios. Finally i would like to know from you regarding carrots and all those vegetables containing sweetness, will they ruin the entire agenda?

  23. Feel good at 3 week mark but very tired after working out. So far no weight loss, and maybe some gain. I Doubt I will buy new clothes to remain sugar free…hoping (and wishing for others here too) that this trend quickly reverses.

    Discouraging to see so many ppl working so hard only to gain weight….

    • Hi Ellen,
      Try not to be too hard on yourself… but I know what you mean. Try to embrace the bigger change here which is the lifestyle change. That you are on a journey and you are taking steps in a direction to clean your diet up that will last a lifetime. If you are not seeing the weight loss changes you expect or would like to see, then maybe you can do a few other things to push your metabolism into gear. The obvious things such as talking an hour brisk walk every day (break it in to 30 mins if the hour is a tough sell), youtube some yoga or home work out sessions (there are so many online for free now) and give them a go 2 – 3 times a week. Make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your body nourished.

      Try these obvious things for a couple of weeks and I bet this will help and you can get into some new clothes soon.

      This is the hardest time of year as well with so many festive activities and food around, just stay strong and change focus away from weightloss into lifestyle change.


  24. hi
    I am 42 years old
    I quit the using sugar in all forms from a month. surprisingly I lost my 2 kg in 10 days. than after my weight stuck and yesterday weight scale shows again 2 kg gain. I am disappointed to see this result. please help me out what I do now. its very hard for me to stop my self use sweets after see this weight gain again.

  25. I’m only on day 3 of cutting sugar and I actually felt the difference just after day 1. Might be early in the game, but so far I’m not feeling too much of the horrible side effects. Positives by far is a change in my skin complexion, flatter tummy (I always had that bloated feeling) and feeling more energized (waking up feeling more refreshed). I’m really excited about this journey. It’s a lifestyle change for me. The better you feel, the more things you feel like doing. Be sure to supplement with some form of exercise too. Remember not to over compensate just because you are cutting out sugar. Wishing everyone a healthier life.

  26. Day 4 of the ’30-day Sugar Free’ challenge. My goal is to stop automatically turning to sweet foods to compensate for boredom or negative emotions, lack of boyfriend / affection etc. And then crave them 3 times more the next day. So far so good, although no weight loss (I am not overweight, tall and slim built, but wouldn’t mind loosing the Xmas extra kilos :-)). I am sleeping really well and head is slightly fuzzy (no headaches yet). I don’t feel hungry as I have 3 good meals a day, including savory at breakfast (egg, turkey ham, half avocado or beans!) and soups / salads with protein and veggies at lunch or dinner. Light exercise too, 40-min walks, 40-min biking at the gym etc. I would like to loose the 4 kgs I have accumulated these last few months to be my super lean self again, but I have trained my brain to not think ‘diet’ (and thus frustration), but rather healthy and long term health, with no crazy cravings and mood swings, ups and downs etc . I have a piece of fruit now and then (low glycemic index) to not totally cut out the sweetness, but no refined sugars or ‘foods that act like sugar’ in your brain. I used to be a big sweet tooth but I want to change that gradually. Will take a month or two. I think this kind of strict detox regarding sugar is necessary to start this journey. Same as quitting cigarettes rather than having a few a day. It is all about ‘tricking’ the brain, feeling more energized and ABOVE ALL for me, not giving control to sugary foods with the hope of an immediate ”i feel better’ sensation…which doesn’t last. Let’s see end of Jan after the first month. Good luck to you all.

  27. been on no sug for week and a half and not losing weight.50 Year old man who does a physical job plus 3 – 4 gym visits a week.I do boxing training and am fit and in very good shape bar a layer of fat over my belly which will not shift.Im 6 feet tall and weigh 16 stone but i know i feel at my fittest when i get to around 15 stone.At that weight i look and feel fit and quite lean.That one stone either way makes a huge difference.16 st is my upper limit and after the xmas hols im back to that.When im on a diet i usually lose half a stone quickly but cutting out bread wheat cereal etc which i find bloat me.On the n/s method though , i find im having to eat bread etc to fill up.
    Have stuck with it but am finding it disapointing.

  28. Hi there
    I am looking into quitting sugar, and came across your website in my research. I have Sarah Wilson’s book which I have read, and I have a bit of a dilemma with eating lots of dairy. I gave up dairy in August because I was breastfeeding my little one and she had developed eczema. Giving it up cleared her of it which was great! The other bonus was that I lost quite a few pounds (hooray!). My daughter is no longer breastfed (but has a dairy free diet), but I continued to stay off the dairy because I didn’t want to suddenly put loads of weight on and it also stopped me from eating lots of sugary stuff that I love.

    Over Christmas however, despite sticking to a mostly dairy free diet I went a bit crazy with the chocolates. I didn’t want to deny myself. That, added to stopping breastfeeding, has meant I’ve put on about half a stone.

    I honestly think that sugar is my main problem, in terms of weight, emotions and general health. However I worry that introducing milk and cheese again, even with quitting sugar, will not help the weight issues I have. I also don’t really want to give up bread and pasta, and I think that that will also make a big difference to how much weight I lose.

    I am very confused about what to do and feel like I need someone to point me in the right direction. I want to quit sugar, I think it is damaging me in many ways, but what to do about the dairy and bread/pasta???


  29. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic about a year ago, but did little about it – started reading quit sugar books in January, including Sarah Wilson and David Gillespie, and have been eating pretty much sugar free for three weeks. No particular side effects, including not much weight loss, but I’m feeling so much better from sleeping properly because I don’t keep waking up needing to go to the loo through the night.
    The really amazing thing is how sweet things taste that wouldn’t have before. At a conference I had a glass of water where lemon slices had been sitting in the jug – it tasted soooo sweet I was convinced I’d picked up a sugary drink! I’ve tried it at home, and no, just having water with lemon slices in it tastes like that. The very occasional glass of (dry white) wine tastes far sweeter than it used to too.
    Last night I came across a single chocolate left over from a box at Christmas. Yes, I gave in and eat it, but YUK, truly unpleasant!

  30. Deb McCann says:

    I started my journey to quitting sugar 4 weeks ago after watching the Australian movie”That sugar film” i have been trying to lose weight for a few year I’ll be 50 in 7 weeks ..i go to the gym about 3 days a week..i was consuming around 60 grams of sugar and now around 5-10 so i still have a small portion of added sugar some days less..until a few days ago I was 200 grams off a 4 kilo loss and now it appears im +500 grams 🙁 i am not following and specific quit sugar diet i eat either fruit for breaky or organic weetbix with unsweetened almond milk and a banana lunch is salad with chicken or salmon…dinner meat and veggies usually snacks are nuts but not large amounts or fruit or a couple of organic rice cakes or coconut yoghurt sone days i have 1 decaf coffee with one sugar with my almond milk…i am also bloated and have some mild constipation i have no idea what im doing wrong if anything…i was feeling so good about the weight just falling off now this..very discouraged now

    • Hi Deb,
      Sounds like you are doing well but there is something in your diet causing the bloating and constipation – maybe try doing a bit of elimination for a few days, try eliminating the nuts for a week and see if that improves the diet, then try removing almond milk and go back to full cream milk. I would give that a go, but if it all fails and you still don’t feel right, head to a doctor and double check everything is okay. Another option is to book a one off session with a nutrionist and get a tailored plan for yourself to follow.

      It could be something so small but really our bodies are all different and plateau or even going up a little is fairly normal. I would do some elimination tests and then change up my exercise regime and do something different, do a HITT session at home, do some yoga or include swimming – anything that is different may be what your body needs to get a different level of intensity.

      Don’t be disheartened! You are doing SO WELL!!!!!!! Never beat yourself up over this, just reading through your diet it is impressive and you have made big changes to your life. You are doing well and this is a small misstep. When you turn 50, you will be happy you stuck with as I am sure your body will adjust by then and the weight will keep coming off. 🙂

  31. Hello all

    I’ve read everyone’s stories with interest.
    I gave up sugar about 6 weeks ago and have not lost even 1 pound!
    I was always tiny (8 to 8.5 stone) until the last few years. I put on weight as a combo of menopause, ill health, eating too many cakes and not exercising so much due to illness. I’m now 10 stone which is HUGE for me 🙁

    My question is…does anone know how to shift weight put on from being on amitriptyline. I know it’s famous for putting on weight, so may be part of the problem.

    Any advice/experience most welcome!

    Thank you x

  32. I’m currently in week 6 of quitting sugar and so far have also not lost a single kg. I’m not overweight however would like to lose about 4kg so I can fit back into some of my clothes. I have 2 very young children so I don’t really have the time to devote to exercise unfortunately. Mowing the lawn once a week is it for me. I am enjoying Sarah’s meal recipes very much and have stopped needing a snack for morning tea and most afternoons as well which is great. I feel a lot more relaxed and my anxiety has disappeared, and my sleep has also improved as have my moods. I’m very motivated to continue this journey as I’ve never felt better.

  33. Alison Mulholland says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am in week 14 of quitting sugar. I am very happy with my decision and believe it is now a life long change for me.
    In regards to weight loss I must explain some things for me personally. I have struggled for a longtime with my weight and many different diets. I got to the stage where weighing myself was mentally destructive to my goals. I noticed my clothes getting loose after about week 3-4, and especially weeks 6-8. I would guess I have lost about 1-1.5 dress sizes. However last week (week13), I hopped on the scales and I had only lost about 2.5-3kgs :0 This totally confirms why I don’t obsess or weigh myself regularly anymore. And for once the scales didn’t disrupt my goal and mindset!! I am sharing as I am hoping that those of you who may not be seeing numbers decreasing on the scales may be seeing a change in the fit of your clothes or just feeling better in yourself. Don’t let the scales discourage you!
    Lastly, one of the most exciting results of quitting sugar has been the change in the ‘mental hold’ food had on me. I loved chocolate and cookie dough and slice and although I would try to limit and eat in moderation, these sugary items would make me feel disappointed in myself that I had again binged – I found it hard to eat just 1 mint slice!! However now I just don’t eat these foods, and I don’t get the cravings!
    Thank you Kate and others for the support and motivation to make a lifestyle change. It is the best choice I could have ever made for myself xxx

  34. I have really enjoyed reading the comments. I have cut out as much processed sugars as I can and am cooking mostly from scratch. I am màking my own bread (well throwing it in the machine).

    I initially lost 2kg in the first week but it appears to have crept back on by week 3. Week 1 and 2 I had cravings for biscuits and felt very lethargic and the HEADACHES were a nightmare. I go to the gym, work and run 2 martial art nights so sleep relatively well. I will look baçk on here as it seems a great place for people to ask questions and get support.

    The main thing I have found with giving up processed sugars is by bodily functions have changed dramatically? Has anyone else found this?? Thanks for reading. 😉

  35. Sonja granger says:

    I am quit sugar ten days ago and initially I dropped 2 kilograms. I was thrilled because I only wanted to drop 3. But in the last 4 days it has all come back on. I still do the 5 /2 diet (2 days a week on 500). I exercise a lot, over an hour day and always stay under 1200 calories regardless.

  36. Beverley Harry says:

    I do evrrthing right including 4x a week cardio exercise, I have given up alcohol and never eat bread. Still, I haven’t lost a single pound.

  37. Hannah Alice Adams says:

    I decided to quit sugar around the end of January 2016. It is now mid June and I have not lost any weight, just gained around 1/2 stone. I feel so much better for not eating sugar and I do exercise regularly, but I cannot seem to shift it.
    My friend began a weight diet programme around 3 weeks before me and has lost 4 stone – it has made me feel very drained as I feel like I have tried so hard to kick a bad habit and change my lifestyle but all I have had is weight gain.

    • Don’t give up Hannah! It is hard and people are different. I know you don’t want to hear this but it does take time. Speak with your friend and find out what she is doing differently and try to incorporate some of her changes to your diet as well. Maybe try doing your exercise with her. Weight loss is such as hard thing to nail down and get right – but we all know that a healthy diet, good mental attitude and perseverance pays off. If you are worried, how about reaching out to a local nutritionist and really make sure your diet is as healthy as it should be. Best of luck and it will happen!!!

  38. Hi Kate: I have your book but I have some questions about applying it in my particular situation. I have had anorexia for 26 years (was stable from 18 on until I began having intestinal surgeries 15 since 2006 and 2 jaw surgeries since 2014) Things got really bad from January this year until April when I was hospitalized 4 times and eventually operated on. I’m 5’6 1/2 and I got down to 66 lbs through no fault of my own. I’ve regained 12 lbs since then but I am bothered by my lifelong addiction to artificial sweeteners and sugar to a lesser extent. I see a dietician and am wondering whether you would recommend gradual change or cold turkey in my case. I have to follow the low fodmap diet and my ability to digest most vegetables is nil. Thanks Susan

    • Hi Susan, I would recommend you speak with your dietician first and look at a slower gradual reduction of sugars, especially artificial sugars. You have a plan already and you want to focus and see results there so I think sugar reduction is a smaller piece of the puzzle for you.
      Please speak with your health professional and add some ideas to your plans but wouldn’t recommend cold turkey at all.
      Stay safe and well!!

  39. Hi Kate, just came across your blog today and really am heartened to see that I’m not the only person who saw sugar as an enemy to my well being. I highly recommend readers to watch the documentary “Sugar Coated” on Netflix. It’s amazing and has completely changed my perception on sugar!

    I used to be addicted to soda, I had one can a day for over a year or two and when I went to the dentist and was told that I had worn down my enamels so badly that I had the teeth of a 50yr old and not a late 20-something young woman, I decided to change. For all the soda addicts out there, going cold turkey in not drinking any soda is hell on earth. It took me a solid month to stop feeling the cravings, but the second week was definitely the hardest. But you just have to push through it, keep drinking that water, you’ll feel so much better after a month, I promise!

    That being said, it didn’t stop my sugar addiction, a couple of years later, I had replaced my soda with a chai latte every morning. I’ve felt bloated for the last year or so and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until the Sugar Coated documentary that I decided to experiment and stop having the chai lattes and cutting out the sugar for a month to see what would happen. It’s only Day 5, and I can already see an amazing difference, the bloating has gone down almost immediately after Day 2, I am experiencing sugar withdrawal symptoms, but they’re much less intense than the soda episodes, so it’s easy to overcome them. I’m now in my mid-thirties, so I’m eager to see how much more the bloating will go away. I did love eating donuts, pastries and drinking ciders, but now that I see the difference it has made by eating clean, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to them. I do walk extensively on a regular basis, but wasn’t seeing any results due to my poor diet. Here’s hoping for better results in the months and years to come to be mostly sugar-free. Thanks for site! Highly enjoyed it!

  40. Hi lovely people on this site, I find it very helpful to read your posts and learn about your experiences!

    I’m 36 now and 45-65 pounds overweight. I am at my wits end about losing weight: 7 years ago I was diagnosed with insulin resistance. Because the doctor didn’t tell me what to do about it apart from losing weight, which was why I had consulted her in the first place I didn’t cut down on sugar and carbs until 3 years ago. Since then I’ve been trying everything under the sun to drop the weight. Nothing worked I only gained weight. I’m a very sporty person and I started adding strength training to my regular cardio routine last year so maybe some of the weight I gained is muscle. Still, I’m getting heavier and heavier and I’m not a bodybuilder so most of the weight is fat.

    A week ago I went to see a specialist (endocrinologist) in another city because calorie counting doesn’t work for me. To my disappointment he very quickly made a judgement about me: I’m a tall, muscly person with heavy bones and a few pounds too many.
    In fairness, I carry my weight well and I’m told I don’t look my weight but “You’ll never look like a skinny model” isn’t what I want to hear from a doctor – and this is not my goal. I do want to feel better in my body but I’m not aiming at becoming skinny. I’d like to lose the layer of fat that’s covering my muscles and I’d like to be lighter so my knees don’t have to carry so much weight and I’ll be able to run faster.

    Because it’ll be months before my next appointment where the doctor will look at the lab results of my blood and urine tests I decided I need to make a plan as to how to eat until then to keep my sanity.
    In the 12 weeks prior to seeing the doctor I had ditched all my healthy eating habits because I was desperate and hopeless. I ate lots of fruit and sweets which caused more sugar cravings afterwards.
    Because I’m tired of living a restricted life of counting calories and carbs and macros I decided to cut out sugar and grains for a while to see how I feel. As calorie counting hasn’t worked in the past I decided to give it up for a while as well.
    The only thing that I’ve discovered on my long journey that has helped me feel better is intermittent fasting. At some point I even did the one meal a day and I felt great doing it. No hunger pangs, no cravings. But because I was looking for a plan that is also easy to stick to in social situations I decided to do 16:8 which basically means skipping breakfast and closing the kitchen at 8 pm.
    Last but not least I decided to eat slow carbs for lunch but go carb free in the evening.

    I’m on day 6 of this plan and I’m shocked at how mental day 3–5 were! I was angry, irritable, headachy, I couldn’t think straight and I hated everyone and everything. The cravings were unbearable but I didn’t give in but had some yoghurt, veggies and oat flakes instead. This didn’t stop the cravings but diminished them. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better since yesterday. The past two nights I’ve slept noticeably deeper than usual.

    So all in all, I feel better right now and I know this is the way to go for me if I want to be rid of cravings. There is just one downside and many questions: The downside is that I’ve gained a little weight since the beginning and I might have to go back to calorie counting once I’ve gained two pounds.
    The questions I have are: I seem to be very sensitive to the sugar in fruit. More even than to sugar in chocolate. I wonder why that is. During the worst stages of the sugar withdrawals I was craving fruit and not sweets. I wonder if you can be more intolerant to fructose than to glucose? I’m cutting out fruit at the moment just to see how my body reacts to it but I’m eating unsweetened cornflakes and oat flakes.
    I’m wondering if I could also include whole grain bread and potatoes for lunch?

    I’m curious how this experiment will go and keep you posted about the weight gain.

  41. Hi,
    I am 14 years old and I am about to complete 5 weeks off sugar. I was just wondering if it has been noted, improvement in skin? As I’m a teenager I was hoping going off sugar could balance hormones creating healthy, glowing skin. However I haven’t seen any major differences yet…? Whats your opinion on this?

    • Hi Becca,

      It does help with skin improvements – but this will be totally up to the individual and their skin type. I am sure as you are aware, as a teenager your hormones are constantly changing and this will have more of an affect on your skin then anything else. A good healthy diet of whole foods and lean meats will definitely help with your skin. As a young person, I was definitely not off sugar ( I LOVED IT AS A TEENAGER!!!) but I did find when I drank only water and skipped coffee or any kind of soda, this helped keep my skin from breaking out as much.
      Being a teenager is tough with all the skin issues – so yes it will help, but you will also want to be mindful that nothing can compete with those teenage hormones at work! Stay positive and good luck on your journey!