What’s the Point in Quitting Sugar?

I am often asked what is the point of quitting sugar and if it is it really that important to actually quit sugar?

For me, it was.

Quit Now

Sugar is a hidden ingredient that has been much loved and overused in the last decade by our food producers. Added into ketchup, mustard, low-fat yogurt, cereal, bread, peanut butter and even in our vitamins – it is always there.

Back in the 70s there was a war on fat. We had to decrease the amount of fat we were eating in our diet to reduce the number of cases of heart disease and hypertension. So we did. Food without fat tastes bland, some say similar to cardboard, the food industry knew and knows this and replaced the lost fat with sugar instead.

For me, sugar is addictive. End of story. You cannot argue with me on what I find to be highly addictive. I craved it all the time. I would sneak into the cupboard and have some chocolate, cereal was my dessert and I loved peanut butter and toast.


Now here is where common sense can kick in.

I had to break my addiction and be honest with myself.

The point in stopping the constant stream of sugar into my body gave me a mental break and a dietary break to begin to make real changes. I was able to look at my diet, meal by meal and create new ideas and plans for each one. I extended these plans from being day-to-day into week-to-week so I could extend my cooking knowledge and create better meal plans.I was scared that my food would become boring and I would slip back into my old patterns again.

It was not easy. I had trouble sticking to it and felt like a crazy person who constantly thought about food, but I made it through.

So yes, quitting sugar is important. By cutting it out for two whole weeks was basically the “line in the sand” moment and it was truly effective in reducing my addiction to sweet food.

Two weeks is not a long time, not if you want to live 90 years.