Why Should You Quit Sugar?

Through this website, I get a lot of people asking me “why should I quit sugar?”. The obvious reason is, and this is the crux of Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Guide is that it is basically killing us slowly through diseases such as heart disease.


That reason alone is reason enough to at least make a concerted effort to cut back on your sugar consumption, but some of the other reasons people want to go through the I Quit Sugar guide are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Issues
  • Medical reasons
  • Lifestyle Change

My reason for wanting to quit sugar and clean up my diet was I felt out of control and unhappy. I would use food as a crutch instead of dealing with the issues.

So how am I going with my “quitting sugar” – well to be honest, I have fallen off the wagon a few times. I have had a period of a few months where I just wouldn’t care and ate whatever I wanted.

It was hard to get back to my “normal” after having done so well in the past and have kept it up for so long. But I did it and I keep doing it. I keep making better decisions every day to make my life the best it can be.

So why should you quit sugar? It really is your personal journey, so if you have a reason such as “feeling crappy” or wanting to lose some weight, quitting sugar really can help you get there. You do have to remember that your life is bigger than any 8 week guide. So take the lessons you learn from Sarah Wilson and everyone else who is on their healthy journey and see what will work for you in the long term!

I would love to hear from you and what your reasons for quitting or wanting to quit are.


  1. I want to quit sugar to improve my overall health. I am overweight, and I am pre-diabetic, and can always tell when I’ve had too much sugar. I recognize that I have problems with my health, one being sugar. I have finally quit smoking for almost 3 years now, and quitting sugar and wheat are my next goals. I can say that it was probably easier to quit smoking, than sugar. But I will keep getting up and trying again, because I want to live a long healthy life. Getting my wife and kids to join me is another matter entirely.

    • Hi Cyril,

      You are so right about wanting to live a long healthy life! That is why we make little changes every day so we can enjoy what we have. Your wife and children may join you once they see your success! It takes time with children, so a good role model will encourage them too!

  2. Deepak Hari says:

    i have failed many times trying to quit sugar. But this time I would love to go Cold turkey way.
    I am mentally prepared to face whatever challenges my body faces as a result of abruptly stopping this white stuff. I am pretty sure the benefits of quitting it surely outweighs the temporary excitement you get after eating it. i guess coffee is another such item which is difficult to give up if you are addicted.

    • Hi Deepak,

      It will be hard when you go cold turkey. Some people are not able to do it that way, but others have found it easy. It really depends on your lifestyle – if it is just not possible to go full cold turkey, stick on a reduction plan and focus on making sure you make a change every week!

  3. Hi I am ten weeks in and have lost around 32 pounds I’m getting a little disheartened with the weight as it has been static for the last two weeks. I’m very over weight , I have read this is a slow weight loss diet which I wanted is it normal to have periods of weight not shifting at all ??…

    • Hi Karen,

      I can’t really comment on what may be happening with your weight goals, but this type of change can result in periods of no weight change. Have you spoken to your doctor or even an nutritionist? They may be able to help you put more ideas in place to help shift the weight. Is it time to incorporate some light exercise to shake up the routine a little? I found that doing my walks around my area really helps with shifting weight – though I do have to make sure I keep at it and don’t just do it once or twice. I do more of those kind of “fitness hacks” too by walking up stairs instead of lifts and parking my car further away. If I don’t do these little things, I tend to find that my weight is static then rises again. I have to do those things or I can be lazy.

      Do anyone have any advice for Karen, I really wasn’t focused solely on my weight loss when I did this, but it was always in mind. I wanted to change my lifestyle first, then focus on weight since I thought that would be easier than changing my whole attitude to food. They are both long term goals, I am not at my healthy level right now as I should be, but I keep adjusting and refocusing and those little changes make a difference overall for me.

      • Sorry Karen, I should have also said congratulations on 10 weeks! You sound like you are making huge changes in your life so don’t be disheartened!!!!!! Be proud of the changes you have made so far and that you are working on the rest!!

  4. I am Vegan how do I start a sugar free diet I don’t know what I can eat.

  5. Interesting to see despite this sugar industry has potential. Is it due to the addictive factor ?

  6. I am thirty five days in to my no sugar lifestyle. I had no problem cutting out the sugar, but find myself craving fruit. I absolutely love fruit and will probably add it back a little at a time. Giving myself the lowest fruits with sugars. I have lost twelve pounds so far. I feel awesome! Everyday I find something that just feels better or looks better. I am only five foot, and I put on twenty four pounds. It hurt me! My knees were killing me, my back hurt, I was getting a lot of headaches. I am 52 and have a granddaughter that I adopted. She is 9 and I have custody of 2 of my daughters children at the moment. I have my middle daughter living with me with her 2 children and my oldest daughters husband divorced her and I help her out with get 2 children. Whew! It’s exhausting just writing it. Lol I have always worked it but have found that I have no time for me. When they all went to school this year I swore that I was going to get this weight off. I had tried everything to get this weight off to no avail. I finally sat down one day and kept thinking, what is it? Why can I not get the scales to move. After sitting for a few days pondering on what was going on, it finally hit me! ! SUGAR! So the next day I went cold turkey. I have craved sweets a little bit but it isn’t the sweeties like chocolate, cake, and cookies, it is the fruit that I want. I have yet to incorporate them back into my diet yet because I don’t want to sabotage myself. But omg!! My knees don’t hurt and I am walking and running 5 miles a day. It feels awesome! I take no medications whereas I was on the hormone patch because my hormones levels were so it off whack. The weight is just falling off right now and my family and friends are amazed. I am loving the new me and I pray that I keep up this new lifestyle change.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Fantastic news and you are a inspiration to everyone. It works – just changing your lifestyle works and working through it one day at a time makes all the difference!

      Congratulations, and if you fall off the wagon, just pick yourself back up and you will be fine! Never fear the old habits as you are a new person!

  7. I’ve been trying my best to stop sugar as an athlete and also as a young adolescent facing skin problems every now and then. For once i tried quitting sugar for two weeks and the changes i saw were so perfect, because my complexion got clearer and smooth and so also my overall body health was fit and standard. But the sad news is, I couldn’t keep up the good work with consistency. I was satisfied with my appearance and so i relaxed, now i’m facing the consequences my skin is dull and my health as well. Pls help with a strong advice!!!

    • You just need to try again – it is that simple. Take things slower and make the changes more permanent. Starting to quit sugar is hard, but you have tried and now it is going to be easier to do it again. Just keep at it!!!!

  8. One of my reasons for quitting sugar is to make myself FEEL better every day. Some days I spend in this “ugh” feeling in my body. I am not sick or tired or anything – I just don’t feel right or how I think I should feel. I am sure it is always more than just food, but, this is one of the easiest things we can tackle. This is and has been the main reason I have quit sugar, or reduce sugar or try to live a healthier life. I know deep down the “ugh” feeling isn’t right!