10 Other Benefits of Quitting Sugar

So you are doing all the hard work of quitting sugar and breaking habits that have been formed over years, but at times it appears to be a never ending awful cycle, and it is hard to keep in mind the long term benefits to your health, so let’s recap why you are doing this in the first place!

Sugar in Sugar

Obviously diabetes and heart disease are amongst some of the main factors for cutting sugar in your diet, followed by weight related diseases such as hypertension.

But what are the other reasons and benefits for quitting sugar?

The 10 Other Benefits of Quitting Sugar

  • Cutting back on prepackaged foods can make a huge difference to your wallet. As in, you will spend less money on your grocery bills! By learning simple and healthy recipes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can prepare meals in bulk which can lead to great savings at the store!
  • Another way you will save money, is you won’t be buying sugary drinks anymore! Water is (basically) free from your tap! If you don’t like the taste of the water in your town, then boil it and then drink it cooled. If that is still not nice, then squeeze some lemon into it. You will get used to it in no time and think how much money you will save! No more sugary fancy coffee drinks (you can still have a latte but don’t add any sugar!), no more cans of soda and no more bottled juice or energy drinks. The average you could save per day could be close to $15 if you stopped your drink habit!
  • Avoiding pre-packaged foods also will cut back on your exposure to artificial preservatives. There is much debate about the health and safety of some artificial preservatives in food, so avoiding the artificial preservatives used in many of the pre-packaged meals may decrease your risks and obviously sugar exposure.
  • Removing the pre-packaged foods from your diet means you won’t spend hours in the grocery store wandering the aisles wondering ‘what are you going to eat?’. You will head straight for the fresh food section for your fruit and vegetables, buy what need and that is done! You will have your grocery list ready to go and it is all in one section together! Saving you time to focus on creating the best life you can have.
  • You will eat a lot more fruit and vegetables. This is a win-win for your body and mind! Open your world to a wide variety of new foods and see what is out there! You don’t have to be stuck with carrots, lettuce and celery (even though they are delicious!) you can try all different types of vegetables and fruit that will let your tastebuds explore a whole new world. And as a result benefit from their high vitamin, nutrient and fibre content.
  • In the time you will cut back on your pre-packaged food and buy new whole ingredients you will, or hopefully you will, learn to love cooking. You will learn new recipes, master new kitchen skills and improve your happiness. Some enjoy cooking so much it is seen as a great stress reliever!
  • You will no longer at the beck and call of your sugar cravings! You are in control and you will feel it. Sometimes, in the midst of sugar addiction, you can feel helpless and overwhelmed, so by cutting the sugar you can regain that sense of control. Attending family gatherings where food is the centre of attention, doesn’t have to be fraught with stress and social awkwardness anymore! You can have a bad day at work but not have to return to the sugary and guilt laden sweets that you used. You will have clarity of mind and be able to deal with anything life throws at you.
  • You will feel better, both mentally and physically. Waking up in the morning you will have energy to face the day, and when you are fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs, you won’t have time to sit down and scarf a box of cookies. Your mental health will also improve and you won’t have a sense of being chained down or feel sluggish.
  • You will reduce the costs associated with your health care. Potentially, under your doctor’s assessment and advisement, you could reduce the amount of medicine you are required to take! Think of the savings there! Not only will you save money, but you will cut back on the amount of time spent at your doctor’s office. Yes, they will miss you but you have better things to do, such as live your life your way!
  • You will lose weight. With cutting out so many bad choices from your diet and taking control of the fuel that you put into your body, you will lose weight – and that is without even trying to!

The benefits are there for you to keep in mind when you kicking your sugar habit. It helps to keep these in mind so you stay focussed and make the switch to a better you!

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  1. E.M. Eagan says:

    Great points. All true. You know what I noticed is that when I do slip up for a night, the effects the next morning similar to an alcoholic hangover. My face will feel puffy, eyes squinty, zapped energy, and the list goes on.