Quitting Sugar – The Short Term Pros and Cons List

When quitting sugar, there are so many pros and cons for doing it. This is my list based on my personal experience of the short term pros & cons of quitting sugar. This does not mean that you will feel the same way or that your experience will be anything like mine.




Money! I have actually saved  some money up and this all happened without even really trying. The amount that I saved within the first few weeks is not going to pay off a mortgage or retire in the Caribbean but it is something. I felt that not only am I working hard to change my habits but I am saving money in the process. It felt like I was paying myself to say no.

How am I saving this money? Well it comes down to not buying any more snacks, cookies or ice cream for home. I don’t need to buy a cupcake or muffin at work with the girls. I don’t buy a soda with lunch. It is these little things that have added up. It is a nice benefit to the hard work.

I feel good about myself. This is a hard task, there is no doubt about it. Changing years of bad habits didn’t come easy for me so with every passing day that I achieve my goals I felt amazing. I am also trying to do more walks so that my fitness can be tied in with the good feelings. I am not a gym junkie (ha!!) but I do like taking walks and I found that I tie this in and that is a whole lot of good feelings. I am not running marathons, just taking 30 minutes to do something for myself.


I feel like I am missing out. There is cake at work for a colleagues birthday, there is chocolate at home that is sitting looking lonely in the cupboard, I go out for dinner and everyone orders a delicious dessert… everywhere I turn I feel like I am missing out on experiences with other people and these situations all revolve around food – delicious food filled with sugar.

The first few mood swings are just atrocious. I feel incredible in the mornings, but 11:30 it starts… I used to “fix” this with a sweet latte. The caffeine and sugar would keep me going till lunch, then I would need a boost again in the afternoon and yep, along with my latte I would have a muffin or cookie. I was fueling myself everyday with silly amounts of sugar. To change that habit, I did experience mood swings.

I felt very irrational when someone else is eating something nearby and they offer some. Like how cruel could you be?!


These were the main things I faced in the beginning. To be honest, some of these feelings felt so bad at the time that now when I think back on them, I thought I was losing my mind. How ridiculous and over emotional! I laugh now about it.

I had to change not only my eating habits but my mindset, which was awful. I thought people who did these kind of things were just show-offs and did things to merely talk about it later. I had to reassess how I saw myself and that I deserved to feel better about myself. Quitting sugar was all about changing my life to include a healthy lifestyle. I wanted long life, so I had to work to make sure I would have that.


{image borrowed from the oatmeal – hilarious!}


  1. Susane Love says:

    Hi Kate

    I am about to start week 2 my issue is what are the oils we can eat, and coconut water whats the deal can we eat it or not it is very sweet. I bought Pure young coconut water, no fat, no cholesterol no added flavors. Also says not from concentrate.

    • Hi Susan,

      The oils you use are going to be fine – such as olive oil and coconut oil. And as for Coconut water as long as it hasn’t got the added sugar it is fine!

  2. I love your pros and con’s list. I have been sugar free for quite some time too and I have experiences some of the same joys and also the same feeling of missing out on occasion. Good to hear I’m not the only one who feels that way! Keep up the good work!

  3. Kate, Help!
    I was told at 17 I had Celiac Disease. I ignored the doctor because I love bread and made it for 30 years before my body rebelled. Well now in addition to not dealing with gluten anymore, it also doesn’t want dairy or sugar. I was told I was allergic to the stuff olives were processed in, but sense my Celiac Flare 3 months ago, my body now has a severe reaction to olive oil. I am obese, feel horrible and know that I need to be willing to make changes, but I do not know where to start. I did gluten first and I started gaining some of my hard fought for 40lbs back. Any ideas?